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The horse takes the seventh position after the snake and before the sheep in the Chinese Zodiac. According to the folklore of the 12 animals who were chosen to represent the 12 years as a cycle, the horse was one of them who joined the Great Race. Then, since the horse is a good runner, how did it get behind the six other animals? 

The zodiac story has that at the beginning of the race, the horse was one of the few fast runners in the front. However, it was so kindhearted that he helped any animals who were in danger or in need of help on its way in the race. It helped the duck who was endangered by the fox. It also helped the snake who participated in the race. On seeing the snake who was bleeding from the long distance running without legs, the horse took great pity and took some grease from its own body and spread it over the snake's belly so that the snake could sneak fast. It even gave the sixth position to the snake! 

For all what it did, the horse earned the name of hero and was liked by other animals. But, all this happened during the race and resulted in a late arrival though it tried very hard to catch up. Up till now, the horse is still respected by the Chinese as a selfless, honest and hardworking animal. 

In the Chinese language, many 4-character idioms related to the horse are often used in praise of one's noble spirit, the leading position, the active attitude towards work, instant success, and one's power, courage and vigor. There is also a wonderful image about the horse in many legends in the Chinese culture: a white horse with two wins flying under the blue sky over the mountains and rivers through white clouds. This image carries the combination of powers of flying and running for an ideal animal. It reflects the good wish from the people to the horse. 

People born in years 1918, 1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026, 2038, and 2050 are horse. They are thought to be hardworking, straightforward, intelligent, friendly, cheerful and popular. They are frank about their feelings,  so they will not hide their love or hatred. The horse may encounter marriage crisis becasue of their pursuit to freedom. They can be adventurers, scientists, poets, or politicians. Besides, the horse may get on well with Tigers and Dogs instead of Rats.

Questions & Answers on The Horse
  • Asked By Tiffany (USA) | Jan. 22, 2019 15:30
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  • Is my soul mate, what I should be looking for?
    Why can't I just get along with all signs ?
    Is it true that in any relationship there is one giver and one taker ?
    And if so, is it hard for horse and snake to understand each other because they are both takers and for example, dog is selfless, altruistic and a giver ?
    Is it true that I should Instead look for a sheep sign because I've heard they are my soul mate ?
    Will sheep one day hate me because supposedly, they are very shy and like for people to ask and seek what is going on with them, even though they might say they are fine, nothing much going on, or be timid and not give any hint at all that they are going through something ?
    I am a Metal Horse born in the hour of the Rat. I heard rats and horses don't get along ?What if I meet a girl who is a Rat who I've already fallen for, am I gonna be heart broken if it doesn't work ?
    Also, because I'm 25% rat internally based on the hour I was born in, does that mean that my 75% Horse side and 25% Rat side don't understand each other and spiritually I fuck myself over with internal misunderstandings and hard to reach unified goals ? Or are my inner Rat and Horse the only two Rat and Horse signs I will see kinda get along in this lifetime ? You can answer any one question if you like ? I'd be cool with someone just answering the snake horse relationship one

    Asked By Jason Spiegel (EEUU) | Jul. 27, 2014 07:48
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  • How do I tell if I am a White Horse and how do I tell if someone is a green cow? How is that Determined?Thanks

    Asked By Eric (USA) | Jan. 02, 2014 12:18
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  • Asked By pinky (india) | Nov. 11, 2012 02:55
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  • Specifically the duck fox problem

    Asked By jaeden (usa) | Oct. 10, 2012 14:16
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