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When preparing for your China tour, itineraries, attractions and accommodation are very important, but practical tips will make sure you have a smooth trip. Here are some tips for your reference:

 China Tour ABC
For touring in China, the basic knowledge is required, since differences are everywhere and unavoidable. You will ever be told not to take things for granted. After having a browse through these travel tips, we hope that you won't be in embarrassment during your tour. 

What if I wanna get in touch with my friends? Will my mobile phone work in China? How to make a long-distance call? Is the internet available at hotels? All answers related to communication can be found from the following tour tips:

Foreign currency must be converted into Chinese currency before your tour to China. You can get them exchanged at airports, banks, superior hotels, and restaurants. Credit Cards and Travelers Cheques are also acceptable. Here are some tips about money:

China covers five time zones, and Beijing Time (UTC+8) is observed as the standard time throughout the country. The business hours are different in different enterprises and cities. When you are planning a trip to the country, you should avoid the Chinese public holidays to ensure a smooth journey.

 Cross the Chinese Border
Everyone should comply with the law and regulations made by Chinese government. When crossing the border, some regulation may be the same as that of your countries, while some items may be different. Pay attention to it! Read the following tips and get ready for your tour.

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    Asked By WINSTON CULMER (NASSAU BAHAMAS) | Jan. 27, 2015 01:27
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  • Hi! This is Debjani from Kolkata, India.Me a homemaker..... Can anyone please help me track the exact location of the parcel - RI229406175CN ???It is from China (Through China Post) and coming to Kolkata, India. It is showing "CHINA, BEIJING, Send item abroad (EDI-received), Air, KOLKATA AIRPORT SORTING OFFICE"Thanks you in advance...

    Asked By Debjani (India) | Dec. 18, 2014 14:29
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  • Hi I'm tracking my parcel on china post RC602742090CN and for over two weeks now it comes up with null and an arrow pointing to PEC will it ever get delivered, must be where they get the saying a slow boat from china. Thanks

    Asked By Alan (Australia) | Jul. 16, 2014 20:43
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  • Asked By Lize | Jul. 14, 2014 07:04
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  • I order for touch. Screen on the 23 march,2014 and my current status still. In beijing while my tracking number is RC517729401CN.Thanks

    Asked By lukman (nigeria) | Apr. 20, 2014 04:30
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