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China Customs Declarations

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When preparing for your China tour, read the regulations about the customs declarations, so you can decide what to pack and what not to, and what you should declare when you entering and leaving China. Poor preparation may bring much trouble for you when you pass through the customs at an international airport, ferry terminal, train station or bus station.

According to China's Customs, all luggage and articles carried by inbound and outbound travelers should pass through customs inspection. Goods carried must fall within the limits of a reasonable amount for personal use. Goods exceeding these amounts will be levied duty or refused.

To facilitate inbound and outbound travelers, China Customs simplified the customs declaration procedures on Feb 1st, 2008. Travelers who have nothing to declare can pass directly through the Chinese customs green channel (Nothing to Declare Channel), with no customs declaration form required. Those carrying goods to declare should fill out a Chinese customs declaration form and pass through the red channel (Goods to Declare Channel). Children under the age of 16 and accompanied by an adult are not obliged to fill out declaration forms. Travelers holding diplomatic or courtesy visas should show their valid certificates to receive expedited service from China Customs. On the return trip, travelers have the option of completing the relevant sections on the same declaration form or completing a new declaration form. If you are not sure whether you should declare your goods, you may consult the customs officer about the details or choose the red channel.

Travelers who carry the following goods should declare them, or penalties will apply. 

 For Inbound Travelers:
1. Animals, plants and their products; microbes; biology products; human organs; blood products.
2. (For Chinese residents) personal items totaling CNY 5,000 or more.
3. (For non-Chinese residents) personal items intended to remain in China worth over CNY 2,000.
4. Alcohol (alcohol content above 12 degrees) exceeding 1,500 ml; 400 or move individual cigarettes, 100 or more individual cigars, or 500 or more grams of tobacco.
5. Cash in Chinese currency exceeding CNY 20,000, or that of foreign currency worth over USD 5,000.
6. Unaccompanied baggage, cargos, cargo samples or advertising products.
7. Radio transmitters, radio receivers, communication security equipment.
8. Other goods that need to be declared.

 For Outbound Travelers:
1. Cultural relics; endangered living things and their products; biology species resources; gold, silver and other valuable metals.
2. Cameras, video cameras, portable computers and other personal items worth over CNY 5,000 singly and will be brought back to China.
3. Cash in Chinese currency exceeding CNY 20,000, or in foreign currency worth over USD 5,000.
4. Radio transmitters, radio receivers, communication security equipments.
5. Other goods that need to be declared.

 For the goods exceeding the limitation shall be levied duty upon:

Tax rate
Food & Drinks
Food: sea food, dairy products, seasoning, healthcare products;
Drinks: tea, coffee, and other non-alcoholic beverage  
Brewed wine, hard liquor, mixed liquor
Cigarettes, cigar, tobacco
Gold & Jewelry
Gold, silver, jewelry and the products
Perfume and all kinds of cosmetics
Television and the accessory parts
Camera, video camera and the accessory parts
Audio-visual equipment
Recorder pen, radio receiver, MP3, MP4, etc.
Musical Instrument
All musical instrument and the accessory parts.
Sporting Goods
Golf ball, golf clubs, golf bags, gloves, and shoes
Sporting goods except for golf goods
Other items
Telephone, fax machine, recreational machines, fish gears, works of art, toys, etc.
Coffee machines, juicers, hair driers, plugs, switches, etc.

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