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  • Stanley Market
    Stanley Market
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    A Unique Shop in Stanley Market
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    A Small Shop
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    A Grocery in Stanley
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Stanley, a peninsula on the southernmost part of Hong Kong Island, is a town with high value of appreciation in Hong Kong. It is in the east of Repulse Bay and west of Shek O, adjacent to Chung Hom Kok. Legend has it that there was a huge kapok tree in the center of the village. When it was blooming in full, the big tree appeared very much like a red pillar. It was renamed as Stanley after being governed by the British. Now, the former fishing village has become a magnet to visitors both at home and abroad. 

The sun, the beach, the mixture of oriental and occidental culture as well as the characteristic architecture make Stanley a charming tourist destination in Hong Kong.

For the tour to Hong Kong, Stanley Market can't absolutely be missed for visitors. It is a large open-air market place well known for its bargains. The offers there range from the antique, painting, silk garments to the modern sports wear, toys, ornaments, luggage, souvenirs, and Chinese handicrafts. Most people come here for the purpose of getting cheap goods that would usually mark a much higher price elsewhere. A busy morning of shopping can be nicely finished off by a good lunch at one of the restaurants. What's more, Stanley Market boasts its own small Häagen-Dazs shop. 

You will discover far more than just the market in Stanley. Not only the desire for shopping can be made in Stanley, but also the beaches offer the best place for physical and spiritual relaxation during holidays. Stanley has two beaches, one is the Stanley Main Beach on the eastern side of the peninsula, the other is the on the western side. At noon, visitors can enjoy sun bath beside the beach. When at dusk, it is very agreeable to wander around the beach. If you like, you can have the barbecues in the designated area on the beach. If barbecue is not to your liking, you can tour around and look for whatever you are interested, the nearby shops serve tasty food in different flavors such as Chinese food, English cuisine, Mediterranean style, Vietnam flavor and so on. On the Chinese traditional holidays like the Dragon Boat Festival, the organized wonderful dragon boat competition make the holiday more interesting and meaningful. 

Stanley Main Street is a good place to have the night life. It is very similar to the Long Island in USA which is featured by the numerous bars and restaurants full of exotic atmosphere.

To the west of Stanley Main Street is the Tin Hau Temple, which is dedicated to the Queen of Heaven. It was originally built in 1767 for the sake of praying for the calm sea by the fisherman. The initial outlook remains even after several renovations. It is one of the oldest temples in Hong Kong worth your visit. 

Murray Building is undoubtedly the most important historic building in Stanley. Its architectural design was quite common during the early time of the colonial period. It is the oldest in the extant buildings of its style. 

 Transportation to Stanley
A. Take Subway Tung Chun Line and get off at Hong Kong station, exit at Exit D and walk to Exchange Square Bus Terminus and take Bus No. 6, 6A, 6X, 66 or 260 and get off at Stanley;
B. Take Subway Island Line and get off at Causeway Bay station, exit at Exit B and walk to Tang Lung Street then take green minibus No. 40 and get off at Stanley;
C. Take Bus No. 973 from Canton Road in Tsim Sha Tsui outside Silvercord Centre and get off at Stanley.

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