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Repulse Bay

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Located on the Bolan Road of Wan Chai, on Hong Kong's south side, the Repulse Bay is the most spectacular bay of that area. Early in 1841, the Repulse Bay was used as a base by pirates and caused serious concern to foreign merchant ships trading with China. Since the pirates were subsequently repulsed by the British Fleet, the bay was named 'Repulse'.

During the 1910s, the Repulse Bay was developed into a beach, and the Repulse Bay Hotel was built there in 1920. To attract swimmers, a bus route from Central to the bay was created, and now stands as one of the oldest bus routes of Hong Kong. During the Battle of Hong Kong in World War II, Repulse Bay was an important strategic location.

It is a favorite summer weekend hangout for the city dweller, and the residential area of choice for many of Hong Kong's well-heeled. The well-known Hong Kong merchants Lee Ka-shing and Pao Yue-kong also bought villas at Repulse Bay. It boasts a combination of luxury high-rises and townhouses, most with commanding views over the bay and the South China Sea beyond. On the eastern end of the beach is the Kwun Yam Shrine, with prominent statues of goddesses Kwun Yum and Tin Hau. Also overlooking Repulse Bay, although from higher up, is the famous 'building with a hole'.

It has a distinctly resort-like atmosphere, probably because the area started out as just that-a getaway from the city. With the pristine crescent of sand and palm trees it is difficult to imagine that you are only a 15-minute drive from the grime and bustle of the 'other' Hong Kong.

The tourist area has amenities, including food stores, banking, medical services, and dry cleaners. There are several excellent restaurants. Transportation to the north side is by bus, taxi or private car. Most of the same buses that serve Stanley serve Repulse Bay, as it is on the only route across the island. 

 Entrance Fee: Free

 Best Time to Visit: Nov. to Dec.

 Transportation: Take Subway Tung Chung Line and get off at Hong Kong station and exit at Exit D, and walk to Exchange Square Bus Terminus to take Bus No. 6, 6A, 6X, 66 or 260 and alight at Repulse Bay.

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