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12-Day Yunnan Tours to Kunming - Xishuangbanna - Dali - Lijiang - Shangri-La - Kunming

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Day 01: Arrival in Kunming

When your flight lands in Kunming airport, our guide is already at the airport to be ready to greet you and transfer you to the airport, and you will never feel lonely when you travel with us. The rest of the day will be left for yourself to recover from the time difference, or, if you arrive earlier in the day and still energetic, you may get some advise from the guide for the nearby sightseeing or entertainment.

Stone Forest, Yunnan
Stone Forest, Kunming

Day 02: Kunming
Your whole day's schedule will be fully filled with the Yunnan Stone Forest and the Golden Temple. The Stone forest is world marvel and is complimented as the No. 1 miraculous scenic spot in the world with those stone forests dissimilar in shape and form. The Golden Temple is the biggest brass casting temple in China with more than 380 years' history. The temple sends out the eye-catching brilliance under sunlight's illumination. (B+L)
Day 03: Kunming - Jinghong in Xishuangbanna
In the morning, drive to West Hills to visit the Dragon Gate and the Huating Temple, the Dragon Gate is the best place to have a panorama of Dianchi Lake. Kunming Minorities Museum will be arranged after lunch, where you may get more information about the culture, living condition and habit of all of the minority groups of the whole Yunnan Province. Then head your flight to Xishuangbanna, the Kingdom of animals and the Kingdom of foliage. About 1/4 animals and 1/6 plants are living or growing in this rich land. After landing at the airport, please take your luggage and our guide is waiting for you at the exit of the airport and ready to transfer you to the hotel. (B+L)
Day 04: Jinghong in Xishuangbanna
Take car to visit the Menglun Tropical Botanical Garden, which was first built in 1950s and now has cultivated more than 4,000 tropical plants, among those, more than 100 national key-preserved tropical plants are living here. On the way, you can also visit the local market, where you may have a glance at how these minority people exchange goods and their very true trading condition, the visit a minority family and temple in Ganlanba. (B+L)
Day 05: Jinghong in Xishuangbanna
Drive to Menghai County to visit the Octagonal Pavilion, which is a Buddhism building to memorize Sakyamuni. This pavilion was built just like the Sakyamuni's hat and was use to held the important activities of Buddhism and was also the place to listen to the sermon of dignitary in this area. Then visit a very special minority village, Aini Village and the Tea Plantation. You will be transferred back to Jinghong and visit the Panting Park. It was used to be the royal garden of the King of Dai Minority with more than 1300 years' history, and now it is the ideal place to appreciate the beautiful scenery and know different kinds of plants. (B+L)

People's rural life in southern China
Life in local countryside, Lijiang

Day 06: Jinghong - Dali
Your local guide will see you off at the airport and you will take flight to Dali. Many minority groups are living in Dali, including Bai, Yi, Hui, Han and Lisu minorities. Today you will visit the famous highland lake - the Erhai Lake Park, the landmark of the Dali - Three Pagoda Temple and the Dali Old Town. Stay overnight at the hotel in Dali. (B+L)
Day 07: Dali - Lijiang
Take car to Lijiang, the transfer will cost three hours. On the way, visit the Bai Traditional House in Xizhou and Zhoucheng. Zhoucheng is famous for tie dyeing and is also called the hometown of tie dyeing art of Bai Minority. The roads here are all paved with flagstones and the tranquil stream flow in front of every family. That's Zhoucheng, a small amazing town, express the history in silence but still can not hold its own charming. Thousands of travelers from home and abroad visit here every day and Zhoucheng is the best access to know well about Bai Minority. Then you will continue your journey to Lijiang. After a short break at the hotel, our guide will show you the Square Street of Lijiang Old Town. (B+L)
Day 08: Lijiang
If you are a photographer or like to visit the tranquil town, you may get up early and wander around Lijiang by yourself. Do not forget to take your camera. After breakfast at the hotel, a full day starts by visiting the Baisha Village and the Baisha Mural. Maisha Murals are religion murals assembled the Taoism, Buddhism and Lama 's religious murals, stories and legends. Most of the Baisha Murals are created in Ming Dynasty and some of them were mended in Qing Dynasty and they are all very rare and special cultural relic. Then visit the Rock Joseph's Former Residence in Yuhu Village. Rock was an American Austrian who lived in Lijiang for 27 years and devoted himself to the local curative and agricultural causes and had a great work - Naxi Minority - English Dictionary. For the rest of the day time, we intend to leave it free for you to explore the local people's life or the street scenery by yourself. (B+L)

Day 09: Lijiang - Shangri-La
Today you will be transferred to Shangri-La, a mysterious holy land of Yunnan Province and became very famous after the publication of Lost Horizone in 1933. And from then on, the word Shangri-la became the pronoun of peace and tranquility in English. On the way, have stops at the Tiger Leaping Gorge the First Bend of the Yangtze River and the Stone Drum Town where you may really understand the Yangtze River's imposing manner. Stay overnight at the hotel in Shangri-La. (B+L)

Lijiang Old Town
Street of Lijiang Old Town

Day 10: Shangri_la

Today will be a full day. After breakfast at your hotel, our guide will pick you up from the hotel and visit the Songzanlin Temple first. It is the biggest Tibetan Buddhist Temple in Yunnan province, and it just like a refulgent castle and also got it name as the Small Potala Palace. Then you will be transferred to visit the the Bitahai Lake and the Shudu Lake. The vast sky, snow mountains and the blue lake will give you an illusion that you are traveling in an untouched heavenly place. The Tibetan family visit will help you understand more about culture and habit about Tibetans. (B+L)

Day 11: Shangri-La - Kunming

Take flight to Kunming again and our guide will show you the the Daguan Park and the Flowers and Birds Market. No other schedule will be arranged and you may enjoy these sightseeing places at a very ease pace and got totally relaxation. Stay overnight in Kuming. (B+L)

Day 12: Departure from Kunming

You may take your flight depart from Kunming and our guide will offer the transfer service for you from the hotel to the airport properly for you. (B)

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