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A La Carte Chinese food

Have you really ever enjoyed sumptuous a la carte meals on any of your tours? You may hardly remember the last time that any travel bureau made that happen for you. Chinatour360 stands out from the rest by offering authentic Chinese a la carte menus during the trip. We offer Chinese food culture along with travel pleasure and convenience.

People have diverse ethnic and cultural food preferences which are not usually met by set-menus at the table during the tour. Our goal is to let you guide by your eyes and nose. We pick the appropriate restaurants and you pick the favorite dishes for yourselves.

Our guides will take you to where the local residents choose to dine other than at home. In big cities like Beijing, Xian and Shanghai, we surveyed local restaurants on their operational scale, environment, sanitation, food delicacy and staff services to come up with our choices. At our chosen restaurants, you get to enjoy the atmosphere and the culture at a slower pace with your meals. You will see dining habits, table manners and oddities. It is also an eye opener experience.

Our visual menu design at each place will take you through the ordering process with clear written English and vivid photos. And your tour guide is on standby ready to help, should there be any rough edges. So, please give it a try and place your order with the restaurant staff with confidence.

You will find the end result at the meals well worth the effort and expense. Furthermore, you get to taste the popular and well-known Chinese cuisines, such as Sichuan cuisine, spicy and hot; Cantonese cuisine, light and fresh; Shanghai cuisine, mellow and sweet. It is indeed a culinary tour.

We put top priority on our quality of service. The menus may look a la carte for both lunch and dinner, but the selection lists differ greatly (like day and night, so to speak). We have put a lot of thoughts on them. We walk the extra mile to improve on our services.

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