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If you are tired of the same landscapes out of a plane window or a train window, you can try the ferry to Shanghai and appreciate the gorgeous views of the river or the sea. As one of the most important pivotal ports in China, Shanghai lies in the front of the Yangtze Delta, and it is also a significant international port for China to join in the world economy. The Huangpu River flows from Taihu Lake through the city, becoming the principal waterway in the city. The major ports for passenger transport are Wusong Cruise Terminal and Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal. 

 Wusong Cruise Terminal
Wusong Cruise Terminal mainly deals with the regular ships to nearby areas such as Putushan, Shengsi, Daishan, Dinghai, and Chongming Island. It is located at 251 Songbao Road Baoshan District. There are 5 ticket offices in the city.

Ticket Offices Destinations
18 Yangshupu Hongkou District Shenjianmen, Dinghai, Mawei, Qinglonggang, Qidong, Jiangyin, Gaogang, Putuoshan, etc..
38 Jinling Road Chongming (Nanmen, Baozhen), Majiagang, Hengsha
850 Qiuzha Road Shenjianmen, Dinghai, Mawei, Qinglonggang, Qidong, Jiangyin, Gaogang, Putuoshan, Chongming (Nanmen, Baozhen), Majiagang, Hengsha, etc..
Wusong County Passenger Center Chongming (Nanmen, Baozhen), Majiagang, Hengsha.
111 East Zhongshan Second Road The current tickets for ships departing from Shi Liu Pu.

 Transportation: Take Bus No. 51, 116, 522, 952, 849, Yangbao Port Special Line, and Tourism Bus Special Line 5, and get off at Wusong Port Passenger Transport Center.

 Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal 
Located on the East Daming Road in Hongkou District, the major building of the Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal is in the shape of a water drop. It covers an area of 400,000 square meters (478.4 square yards), among which 240,000 square meters (287 square yards) are underground passenger hall where passengers can buy their tickets in the left part of the hall and go up to the boarding area above through the right part of the hall, and the other 160,000 square meters (191.4 square yards) on the ground are boarding area.

By 2008, 15 sea-going vessels had finished their sailings starting from Shanghai International Cruise Terminal. There will be more cruises to international countries such as Japan and South Korea, and over one million visitors will enter or leave China from the terminal. 

 Boarding Procedures:
1. Enter at the principal entrance at 500 East Daming Road.
2. Get down to the underground passenger hall to buy your tickets and go through security check.
3. Get to the boarding area through the escalator and board through the corridor. 

 Transportation: Take Bus No. 921, 135, 135 (Through), 22, 33, 37, and get off at the pasenger transport center.

 In addition, there are several smaller ports where you can take ships or ferries to nearby areas, such as
• Gongping Road Port at 8 Yangshupu Road (line: Shanghai - Putuoshan),
• Luchaogang Port in Nanhui District (lines: Shanghai - Putuoshan, Shanghai - Sijiao,  
  Shanghai - Dayangshang/Qushan, Shanghai - Dinghai),
• Lvhua Port in Lvgang Village of Lvhua County (line: Lvhua - Haimen),
• Nanmen Port at 93 Nanmen Road (line: Nanmen - Liuhe), and
• Xinmin Port in Xinmin County (line: Xinmin - Qidong).

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