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Huangpu River & Bund

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  • Huangpu River and the Bund
    Huangpu River and the Bund
  • Waibaidu Bridge
    Waibaidu Bridge
  • Night of Huangpu River
    Night of Huangpu River
  • Huangpu River Cruise
    Huangpu River Cruise
  • Huangpu River and the Bund
    Huangpu River and the Bund
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If you are visiting Shanghai, the area around the Huangpu River and the Bund is a must-see for travelers. This area epitomizes both the history and modernity of the city and displays some of the city's prime scenery. The Huangpu River is the largest river in Shanghai and it divides the city into two distinct parts: Pudong in the east and Puxi in the west.

The well-known Bund, also known as Zhongshan Dongyi Road, is on the western bank of the river between Baidu Bridge and Jinling Donglu. The Bund is most famous for the 'exhibition of world's architecture'. There are more than 50 ancient or modern big buildings, with Gothic, Roman, Baroque, and many other diverse styles. When night falls, the buildings become illuminated and give the impression of being a group of crystal palaces. It is a truly spectacular sight. Opposite the Bund, on the east bank, you have the newly developed zone - Lujiazui, where many more skyscrapers have also been erected.

The Huangpu River cruise has become a highlight of travel in Shanghai. The tour itinerary is: Bund - Nanfu Bridge - Yangfu Bridge - Wusongkou - Bund. Nanfu Bridge and Yangfu Bridge stand across the river majestically and are situated on either side of the famous Oriental Pearl TV Tower. Wusongkou is the point at which water from the Huangpu River, the Yangtze River and the East Sea converges. At the time of flood tide, the wonder of 'three layered waters' can be seen here. This is so called because the water of the Huangpu is caesious, that of Yangtze is yellow and that of East Sea is green. On the journey to the Bund tourists can also see Huangpu Park - the first park built in Shanghai, as well as the Monument to the People's Heroes and the Ruins of Wusong Ancient Fort.

The Bund Sightseeing Tunnel is another stimulating way to cross the river. The tunnel is 646.7 m (0.4 mi) long and runs from the northern side of Chen Yi Square from the Bund in Puxi to the Oriental Pearl TV Tower in Pudong. Launched in 2000, it is the first passenger tunnel to cross the river. Travelers enter the tunnel by elevator and then pass through the river on an unpiloted and completely transparent train. It is quite relaxing to travel on the train as passengers can enjoy changing patterns displayed on the wall as well as excellent background sound. The trip lasts 2.5 - 5 minutes.

 Tips for Huangpu River Cruise:
 Service Center: 021-61028992; 61028993

 Entrance Fee for the Bund Sightseeing Tunnel: CNY 45 (single trip); CNY 55 (round trip) 

 Opening Hours: 08:00 - 22:30 

A. Take Bus No. 82, 85, 583 or 872 and get off at the Bund stop (Pudong);
B. Take Bus No. 21, 37, 55 or 65 and get off at the Bund stop (Puxi) 
C. Take Subway Line 2 and get off at Lujiazui station (Pudong)

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