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Outbound Journey to Pakistan

21-Day Tours to Dunhuang - Turpan - Urumqi - Korla - Kuqa - Aksu - Kashgar - Tashkurgan - Khunjerab Pass - Hunza - Gilgit - Chilas - Swat - Peshawar - Knyber - Islamabad - Lahore

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Mogao Cave, Dunhuang
 Mogao Grottoes, Dunhuang

Day 01: Arrival in Dunhuang
Your Silk Road exploration starts from here. You need to take the internal flight to Dunhuang by yourselves. The guide will wait for you at the exit of the airport. Relax at the hotel for the rest of the day.
Day 02: Dunhuang - Turpan
It is a highlight to visit the Oriental Artistic Bright Pearl - Mogao Grottoes, which is considered as the grandest Buddhist Treasure House in best preservation in the world. Among the various artistic works kept here, Dunhuang Murals take the greater proportion. The depiction on the murals includes the social life, music, transportation, spinning etc. It is even compared to be the “Library on the Wall” by the Western literates. Then continue to ride a camel along the Echoing-Sand Dune to reach the Crescent Lake. Have an overnight stay on the soft sleeper train to Turpan. (B+L)
Day 03: Turpan
The train arrives at Turpan in the morning. Your guide will take you to the hotel. Breakfast is booked in the hotel. You will be in the company of the guide when you visit the Jiaohe Ruins, the Karez Well and the Sugong Pagoda (also called Emin Minaret), being the largest ancient tower in Xinjiang, it is also the only Islamic tower in China. (B+L)

Day 04: Turpan - Urumqi
Visit the Bizaklik Thousand Buddha Caves, the Gaochang Ruins and Flaming Hill. Flaming Hill is the hottest place in China, with the highest temperature in summer can reach up to 47.8 degrees centigrade. The temperature of the surface is high enough to reach 70 degrees centigrade, and even the eggs are able to get boiled here. The famous legend "Journey to the West” set its scene here. It is that Monkey King Sun Wukong borrowed the palm-leaf fan here for three times to save his mater Tang Sanzang and fought with the monster. After sightseeing, you will be driven to Urumqi safely, which takes about 2 hours and a half. (B+L)

Jiaohe Ruins, Turpan
Jiaohe Ruins, Turpan

Day 05: Urumqi
Visit the Southern Pastures (West White Poplar Gully) and the Xinjiang Regional Museum. Located about 75 kilometers away from the city, the Southern Pastures is not only a fine pasture but a natural resort for summer retreat and sightseeing. Getting close to nature is not a dream if you come here, because you can see herds of cows and sheep, the lush forest, gurgling streams, queer stones, countless yurts etc. (B+L)
Day 06: Urumqi - Korla
Take the private car to Korla, which is about 470 kilometers away from Urumqi.  Visit the Tiemen Pass. (B+L)
Day 07: Korla - Kuqa
After being fed at the hotel, you will be driven to the “Town of Singing and Dancing” - Kuqa, about 280 kilometers away, it is also a gathering place for Xinjiang beauties. Visit the Subashi Ruins. (B+L)
Day 08: Kuqa - Aksu
Visit the Kizil Thousand-Buddha Caves. Kizil is the transliteration in Uigur language with the meaning of red. It is 73 kilometers west of Kuqa and 67 kilometers east of Baicheng. It is the westernmost large grottoes complex in earliest excavation in China. It was built even earlier than the Mogao grottoes. Of the 236 caverns having been numbered, 135 caverns are preserved in the best shape. The total area of the frescoes exceeds 10,000 square meters which provides abundant evidences for cultural research. Afterwards, drive to Aksu and transfer to the hotel. (B+L)

Southern Pasture, Urumqi
Southern Pasture, Urumqi

Day 09: Aksu - Kashgar
Today you will be driven to Kashgar, which is 470 kilometers away from Aksu. The exhaustion may be lessened if you can enjoy the land scenery through the window. The local best hotel has been reserved for you beforehand. (B+L)
Day 10: Kashgar
After one night’s total relaxation in the hotel, take a tour to the Id Kah Mosque, the Abakh Khoja Tomb and the famous bazaar. The bazaar in Kashgar absolutely appeals to every visitor here. On Sundays, people from different corners flood to the northeast corner of east bank of Tuman River to seek for their necessities. The commodities for sale have a great diversity, which vary from the Xinjiang specilities to the Kirghizian telescope. It might be a fresh experience for you to see the livestock transaction in the bazaar. The rich local flavor and folk customs are reflected here. (B+L)
Day 11: Kashgar - Karakuri Lake - Tashkurgan
It is about 3-4 hours’ driving to Karakuri Lake. After enjoying the pleasurable time there, visit the ruins of Stone City. Then continue to Tashkurgan and check in at the local hotel. (B+L)

Sunday Bazaar in Kashgar
The livestock market in Kashgar

Day 12: Tashkurgan - Khunjerab Pass - Pakistan
Your tour in mainland China will put to the end. In the company of our guide, you will take the private car to the Khunjerab Pass to meet your Pakistan guide at Sost (Pakistan border). Drive to Gulmit upper valley of Hunza and transfer to the hotel. Appreciate the sights of the Karakorums, Borit Lake and a village walk if there is enough time. (B+L)
Day 13: Hunza
Drive south about 4 hours along the Kunlun road to reach the picturesque Hunza - an ideal world for living. Later pay a visit at the Hopper Glacier. In the afternoon, you will continue to the Altit, Baltit Forts and the bazaar for some appreciation. (B+L)
Day 14: Hunza
The whole day is free for you to explore Hunza. (B)
Day 15: Hunza - Gilgit
Drive to Gilgit. Afternoon we will visit the Kargah Buddha caved on the rock dated from 7th century AD & mountain town of Gilgit. On arrival, transfer to the hotel.(B+L)
Day 16: Gilgit - Besham
Today we will continue drive to Besham on Karakorom highway along the Indus River. Upon arrival at Besham, transfer to hotel for overnight.(B)
Day 17: Besham - Peshawar
Early morning, we will drive to Peshawar. Visit the Museum, old Bazaar (Qissa Khawani Bazaar) of Peshawar, and then transfer to the hotel.(B+L)

Karakuri Lake
Karakuri Lake

Day 18: Peshawar - Islamabad
Drive to the capital of Pakistan - Islamabad. On the way, stop at the Taxila Museum and Arceological sites of the Taxila. Afternoon visit is followed by the Damn-E-Koh (view point), which gives us a panoramic view of Islamabad before driving past various modern streets and buildings graceful with a touch of Islamic Architecture & Folk Heritage Museum. Our tour culminates at one of the world's largest mosque - Shah Faisal Mosque.(B+L)
Day 19: Islamabad - Lahore via Khewra Salt Mines

Drive to Lahore. En route visit the Khewra Salt Mines, the second largest salt mine in the world. We will go in the tunnels which are illuminated with bulbs of different colors which gives an amazing effect and caved from salt are different models and one could go by foot or take a ride on train as well. (B+L)

Day 20: Lahore
You will spend the whole day excursing in Lahore. The highlights are Badshahi Mosque, Lahore Fort, Maktab Khana, Dican E Khas, Diwan Am, the Palace of Mirrors (Shish Mahal) Red Tower, Lahore Museum, Shalimar Garden, Wagha Border. (B+L)
Day 21: Departure from Lahore
The Sino-Pakistan travel ends today. Say goodbye to your guide at the airport. (B)

Luxury Standard
DunhuangDunhuang Hotel   Dunhuang Hotel   
TurpanHuozhou Hotel   Huozhou Hotel   
UrumqiHoi Tak Hotel   Ramada Tunhe Hotel   
KorlaKangcheng Jianguo International Hotel   Loulan Hotel   
KuqaKuqa Hotel   Kuqa Hotel   
AksuHongfu Jinlan Hotel   Hongfu Jinlan Hotel   
Kashgarthe local best hotel the local best hotel
TashkurganTashkorgan Hotel   Tashkorgan Hotel   
PakistanMarcopolo Hotel   Marcopolo Hotel   
HunzaHunza Baltit Inn   Hunza Baltit Inn   
GilgitGilgit Serena   Gilgit Serena   
BeshamPIDC Motel PIDC Motel
PeshawarPearl Continental Hotel   Peshawar Heratage Hotel   
IslamabadPearl Continental Hotel   Rawalpindi Shalimar   
LahorePearl Continental Hotel   Leaders Inn   
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