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Sanya Bay

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  • Sanya Bay, Sanya
    Sanya Bay, Sanya
  • Coconuts Trees on Sanya Bay
    Coconuts Trees on Sanya Bay
  • The Sunset at Sanya Bay
    The Sunset at Sanya Bay
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Stretching along from Sanya City, Sanya Bay is long and narrow. The coconut trees, soft sandy beaches, together with the crystal clear seawater, form the gorgeous landscape of Sanya Bay.

Sanya Bay is well reputed for its coconut palms along the beach, where several kinds of palm trees are planted, such as coconut trees, Washinggtonia filifera, Livistona chinensis, and so on. In addition, there are other kinds of trees, such as banyan, mango trees and jackfruit trees. Walking along the palm trees, you will experience the unique tropical scenery.

The bay is divided into three parts. The part close to the town is a tourist resort, where you can enjoy the palm trees and see the spectacular sunset at the seashore (the best time is after 18:30). There are also three squares and one public park for you to spend your leisure time. The second part is a little bit far from the city. It is a good place for swimming because of its soft sand and clear water. This part is also suitable for fishing because the mild and clean seawater provides a good growing environment for fish. The third part is an area of holiday resorts where there are a lot of hotels, holiday centers and an International Conference Center.

Coming to Sanya Bay, you will get a good chance to be familiar with the local custom-beach fishing. Every afternoon, you will hear the fishermen's strong and powerful rhythm, 'one, two, and three', which will lead you to the fishing group. If you are interested in it, you can join them and experience the life of a fisherman. It will take your group more than 3 hours to haul in a hundreds-meter long net.

After seining, it's time for you to have a good taste of some delicious food in Waimao Street. There you can not only enjoy the fresh seafood from Sanya, but you can also try famous snacks from other places of China, such as Lanzhou Beef Noodles, the Northeastern food and Southern snacks. Then you will appreciate the differences between southern and northern food in China.

Kempinski Hotel is the only five-star hotel which owns a private beach. In addition, there are other hotels and home stays that provide a clean environment at reasonable prices (the price of home stays is around CNY 100). 
 Recommended Local Snacks:
Rice Vermicelli with Sour Soup (Suan Fen Tang)
Chee Cheong Fun (Zhu Chang Fen)
Swelled Candy Rice (Mi Hua Tang)
Ginger Candy and Glue Pudding (Jiang Tang Tang Tuan)

 Entrance Fee: Free

 Best Time to Visit: Nov. to Mar.

 From the downtown: 
1. Take bus No.206 to Sanya Bay, or take a taxi (about CNY 8).
2. Take a Xinguo Double-Decked Special Bus and enjoy the scenery on the bus. The whole tour includes 5 sections: Yalong Bay Resort, Dadonghai Resort, Sanya Bay Resort, West Island Wharf, and Tianya Haijiao. It will take you about 70 minutes. The bus runs from 07:00 to 19:00. (CNY 8) 
 From Yalong Bay Resort:
Take a taxi to Sanya Bay. (CNY 45, do not forget to bargain with the taxi driver)

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