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Sanya Attractions

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  • Coconut Trees on Sanya Bay
    Coconut Trees on Sanya Bay
  • Dadonghai
  • Sunset at Sanya Bay
    Sunset at Sanya Bay
  • Tianya Haijiao
    Tianya Haijiao
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Yalong Bay 
Yalong Bay is one of the most famous scenic spots on Hainan Island. It is a crescent-shape bay surrounded by mountains on three sides, earning its reputation for soft beach, clean seawater and warm sunshine. 

Sanya Bay 
Well reputed for its coconut palms along the beach, Sanya Bay is long and narrow. The coconut trees, soft sandy beaches, together with the crystal clear seawater, form the gorgeous landscape of Sanya Bay. 

Tianya Haijiao 
Namely 'Edge of the Sky and Rim of the Sea', Tianya Haijiao is famous for its tropical beaches and spectacular stones with carved characters.It is about 23 km from downtown Sanya at the foot of Mount Maling, Tianya Town.

Nanshan Temple 
Nanshan Temple is located in the Buddhist Cultural Theme Park on Nanshan (South Mountain). It is said to be the living place of Kwanyin Bodhisattva, and the east and west islands nearby were considered the tombs of her parents. 

Dadonghai lies between Luhuitou Park and Yulin Port. Compared with Yalong Bay and Sanya Bay, the beach is only 10 minutes' drive from downtown Sanya, so it is the most popular and lively beach in the area. 

Nanwan Monkey Island 
The island is a paradise for the monkeys because of its mild climate and hospitable environment. It is also famous for its landscape, with dense trees, fragrant flowers and fruits, strange rocks and interesting caves. 

Wuzhizhou Island  
Located in the Haitang Bay, Sanya City, Wuzhizhou Island is 30 km (18.6 miles) away from the downtown area. There are several scenic spots on the island, such as the temple of the Goddess Matsu, the Lovers Bridge and Sunrise Rock.

Selected Questions and Answers 

 Asked by Lhoare (Egypt)
How much is the average cost of accommodation in Sanya? Like hotel rate, and cost for meals, I’m on a budget tour.
 Answered by Steve:
The room rate of Sanya is too much high. Even at ordinary times it costs around 200 RMB to stay one night in a simply equipped inn. During the peak time from October to March of the next year, it costs 7-8 thousand to stay one night in a five star hotel. As for the cost for meal, it depends on what you will eat. If just have a meal in a food stand along the street, it may just cost CNY20-30; if have a big meal in a restaurant, it may costs hundreds of RMB and even more.

 Asked by Judy:
Where is the duty free shop in Sanya? How to get there by bus from Yalong Bay?
 Answered by Jill:
Hi Judy, The shop is located opposite to the Luhuitou Square. You can take the bus No. 15 or Xinguoxian from Yalong Bay and get off at Luhuitou Square.

 Asked by Jane (Ireland):
How can I get to the airport from the Pullman Sanya Yalong Bay Resort & Spa? How much does it cost if by taxi?
 Answered by Mike:
You can take bus No. 27 from the airport to Yalong Bay stop (CNY 10) which is about 3 km from the hotel, You can ether walk to the hotel and enjoy the beautiful scenery of beach and sea or take a taxi to the hotel (about CNY 10). If you take a taxi from the airport directly to the hotel, it cost about CNY 80.

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  • Pls advise me how far and how to get to Tianya Haijiao from Nanshan temple, I am thinking of going to Tianya Haijiao after vsitng Nanshan temple before I get back to Sanya City. Thanks

    Asked By Patricia (Singapore) | Mar. 26, 2014 10:21
    3 AnswersAnswer Question
  • Me and my wife are going to take a trip to Sanya, what will be the weather like?is it good time to visit the city?

    Asked By Peter (China) | Jul. 11, 2012 05:00
    2 AnswersAnswer Question
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