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Nanwan Monkey Island

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The only island macaque reserve in China, Nanwan Monkey Island is Located on the Nanwan Peninsula, 5 km (3.1 miles) south of Linshui County. It was founded in 1965 on an area of 100 hectares (247 acres). The island is a paradise for the monkeys because of its mild climate and hospitable environment. It is also famous for its landscape, with dense trees, fragrant flowers and fruits, strange rocks and interesting caves.

There are all together more than 1,800 macaques in the preserve. They are divided into 29 groups, among which four groups have been trained to entertain visitors. Yusheng Pool is the water paradise of the monkeys, where they are trained to show their special abilities (diving or swimming), put on funny shows and acrobatics, and stand in line to welcome visitors. It is said that each group of monkeys is led by a monkey king who is elected through public elections. However, there are no life-long monkey kings, and each time there will be fierce competitions during the election.

Surrounded by sea on three sides and with forest coverage reaching 95%, Nanshan Monkey Island is endowed with beautiful natural scenery, including soft beaches, rows of graceful coconut trees, clean, blue water, colorful corals and fishing rafts. When 'flying' to the island by ropeway, visitors can get different views of the island, from misty to clear. On the island visitors may also get to know about the unique life of the local people, the Dan, who live on boats and earn their livings through fishing, in addition to the monkeys and the scenery. 

1. It is better to go to the island early in the morning so that there will be enough time for you to visit.
2. You'd better not wear a red coat, as the female monkeys might envy you and rip your coat.
3. You'd better not stare at one monkey for too long or you may be attacked, since it might think that you are threatening him or her.
4. If you want to feed the monkeys, hand out all the food at once or they will come and snatch at the food.
5. You'd better not carry any bags or the monkeys may rob you, as they may think that you are carrying food. 

 Entrance Fee: 
CNY 138 (including the fee for cable cars) 

 Opening Hours: 08:00 - 16:30 

 Best Time to Visit: Oct. to Feb.

 Transportation (from Sanya): 
1. By car: Drive along the Eastern Sanya-HaikouExpressway from Sanya, exit from Linshui Yingzhou County, drive on for about 8 km (5 miles) to Linshui Qugang Road Crossing, turn right and drive for another 3 km (1.9 miles), where you will find the ropeway to Nanwan Monkey Island.
2. By bus: Take the bus between Linshui and Xincun, get off at the last stop and then walk for about 300 m (328 yards).
3. You can also rent a car from Sanya with other 7 or 8 visitors, which will cost about CNY 150 in total.

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