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  • The Beach of Dadonghai
    The Beach of Dadonghai
  • Local People at Dadonghai
    Local People at Dadonghai
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Dadonghai lies between Luhuitou Park and Yulin Port. The gleaming soft sand beach stretches for 2.1 km (1.3 miles). The beach, surrounded by mountains on three sides, is fringed with rows of coconut trees while crystal clear seawater laps the white sandy beach. Compared with Yalong Bay and Sanya Bay, the beach is only 10 minutes' drive from downtown Sanya, so it is the most popular and lively beach in the area.

Dadonghai Beach enjoys pleasant temperatures year round with warm water and little rainfall, the average temperature in January is 20.7°C (69.26°F), making Dadonghai Beach an ideal resort for you to swim at and enjoy warm sunshine rather than the freezing winter conditions elsewhere. In winter, the surface of the sea is as smooth and peaceful as a mirror, reflecting the blue sky, white clouds and green mountains. In the distance, you will see a harmonious view of the sea and the sky melting into one another. There are also many other aquatic activities for you to enjoy, including diving, yachting, motorboat excursions and fishing.

About three or four hundred meters east of the beach, there is a coastal park, where you can stand on a hill and look out over the gorgeous land and seascape. There is also an Egret Park not far from the beach, where you can observe egrets in their natural habitat.

1. There are many hotels and home-stays on the beach at Dadonghai, and the prices are moderate (over CNY 100). The barbecues offered by the hotels are very delicious; there are also many bars on the beach.
2. If you are interested in fresh seafood, you can visit Chunyuan Seafood Market. It will cost only CNY 15 by taxi. 

 Entrance Fee: Free

 Best Time to Visit: Nov. to Mar.

 Bus Routes:
a. Take the Xinguo Double-Decked Special Buses from Yalong Bay, which stop at Dadonghai Beach, Sanya Bay and Western Island on the way, terminating at Tianya Haijiao (CNY 10 for the entire journey; the bus leaves every 30 minutes from 7:00 to 19:00 daily);
b. Take Bus No. 4 or 2 at Sanya Railway Station and get off at Dadonghai;
c. Take Bus No.15 at Yalong Bay and get off at Dadonghai;
d. Take Bus No. 202, 102 or 204 and get off at Dadonghai.
 Taxi: It costs about CNY 10 to take a taxi from Sanya City to Dadonghai Beach. 
 From the airport:
a. Take a taxi to Dadonghai Beach (CNY 30 - 40).
b. Take an airport shuttle bus to Sanya City, and then a mini bus to Dadonghai Beach.
c. There are also direct airport shuttle buses to Dadonghai beach (CNY 10).

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