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Liping County, the home of the Dong People in China, boasts charming scenery, unique customs of the Dong People and a splendid Dong culture. 

 Location: The county is located in the southeast part of Guizhou Province, where Hunan, Guizhou and Guangxi Provinces meet. It neighbors Rongjiang County in the west and is about 250 km (155 miles) from Guiyang City.

 Physical Features: Liping has a very complicated landform: valley, plain, hills and mountains can be found here. The unique Karst formation in the county also makes it a famous scenic spot.

Area: 4,441 sq km (1,715 sq mi)
Zip Code: 557300
Area Code: 0855
Nationalities: Dong, Miao, Yao, Zhuang 

 Products: Tea, Chinese herbal medicine, art crafts of Dong People, bamboo

Liping has a Subtropical Monsoon Humid Climate with an average annual temperature of 15 - 25 °C (59 - 77 °F). There is plenty of precipitation in Liping. It is said that rainy days take half of the year. 

 Best Time to Visit: Autumn (September to November).

The county is endowed with beautiful landscape and unique culture of ethnic groups. Famous attractions are: Zhaoxing Dong People's Village, Bazhou River Scenic Area, Chengyang Wind and Rain Bridge, Feilong Cave, Nanquan Mountain, Qiaojie Street.

 Airport: Liping Airport is located in the Bazhou River Scenic Area. There are regular flights between Liping and Guiyang every day, as well as between Liping and Guangzhou every Tuesday and Saturday. 

 Long-distance Bus Station: Liqing Long-distance Bus Station is located in the center of Defeng Town. There are regular coaches to Dongguan, Huaihua, Quanzhou and Guiyang; 

It is very convenient to get to/from other counties in Guizhou. It takes 6 hours from Congjiang, and costs CNY 24 per person; the buses from Liping to Kaili depart at 09:30, and the journey takes 8 - 9 hours, costing CNY 58 per person. 

 Within Liping County: Taxies and pedicabs are available, and the costs are no more than CNY 5 if traveling within the county.

Travel Tips
 During your trip:
1. Visitors are suggested to take an umbrella or a raincoat to Liping, because it is hard to find a shop selling those articles in the mountainous area;
2. If you go in summer, you should take some mosquito repellent;
3. Wear a pair of antiskid shoes;
4. Bring an extra coat. 

 Shopping: Visitors can go to Dong Xiang Yi Fang on Qiaojie Street of Liping to buy all kinds of souvenirs, such as traditional costumes, embroideries, silver ornaments and masks of the Dong People. In addition, traditional musical instruments, and local food such as tea oil and salted fish are also famous local specialties. 

 Food: Oil-tea, Boiled Meat, Roasted Fish, Fish in Sour Soup, Pickles, and Salted Fish. 

 Festivals in Liping: 
Chinese Drum Tower Art Festival (early October);
Wrestling Festival of the Dong People (March 15th in Chinese Lunar Calendar);
Ladies' Day (April 8th in Chinese Lunar Calendar);
Bullfight Festival (February or August in Chinese Lunar Calendar)

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