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Zhaoxing Travel Guide

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Zhaoxing is a small town in Liping County, Guizhou Province. There are 22 villages and 52 minority villages, including the largest Dong People's Village in China, which boasts its five Drum Towers, five Opera Stages and five Flower Bridges. The town has been honored as one of the six most beautiful ancient towns in China. 

 Location: It is 72 km (44.7 miles) east of Liping County in Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou Province. It is about 270 km (167.8 miles) from Guiyang City.

 History: The Dong People's Villages in Zhaoxing have a history of over 840 years. It is said that early in the South Song Dynasty (1127 - 1279), the ancestors of the Dong People built villages here.

Area: 133 sq km (51.4 sq mi)
Zip Code: 557314
Area Code: 0855
Nationalities: Dong, Miao, Shui, Han 

 Products: Rice, tea oil, garlic, cotton, honeysuckle, peanut.

Zhaoxing has a Subtropical Humid Monsoon Climate with an average annual temperature of 16.5°C (61.7°F). The coldest month is January and the temperature ranges between -5 and 8°C (23 - 46.4 °F), while the hottest month is July and the temperature is between 26 and 33 °C (78.8 - 91.4 °F). Precipitation mainly comes in May and June, and some occurs in April, July and August. In winter, there are quick snows sometimes, which usually last no longer than one or two days. 

 Best Time to Visit: All the year round.

Zhaoxing Dong People's Village, Jitang Dong People's Village, Yilun Dong People's Village, Tang'an Tong People's Village, Shage Upper Dong People's Village, Shage Lower Dong People's Village, Shangdiping Dong People's Village, Sasuishan Mountain, Tang'an Ecology Museum

Visitors can reach the town by long-distance buses from Liping. There are 17 buses to/passing Zhaoxing from Liping each day, and the earliest one departs at 06:30 while the last one departs at 15:00. The journey takes 2 hours and costs CNY 18.

Travel Tips
1. You can get a full view of the town when standing on the hill where Zhaoxing Middle School is located;
2. The residence houses, drum towers, flower bridges, and terraced fields are a must-see in the town;
3. The Dong People's A Cappella Chant is very famous and reveals many Dong characteristics;
4. Shopping: Visitors can get all kinds of unique arts and crafts of Dong People, such as traditional musical instruments, bamboo crafts, embroideries, and silver ornaments, as souvenirs.
5. It is the traditional Mud Festival of Dong People on August 18th in Chinese Lunar Calendar, when the locals will play in mud;
6. As a courtesy, visitors should get the locals permission before visiting a local family or entering the drum towers.

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