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Rongjiang Travel Guide

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Area: 3,315.8 sq km (1,280 sq mi)
Zip Code: 557200
Area Code: 0855
Nationalities: Dong, Miao, Shui, Yao  

Rongjiang, also known at Guzhou in ancient times, boasts a beautiful natural landscape along with several minority groups each with distinct customs. 
Location: The county is located to the south of Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Pretecture in southeast Guizhou Province. It borders Sandu County and is about 65 km (40.4 miles) from Kaili and 190 km (118 miles) from Guiyang. Rongjiang lies at the upper and middle reachs of Duliujiang River. The national road 321 and provincial road 202 meet at Rongjiang, thus is a significant passageway linking Guizhou and Hunan in east and Guangxi in the south.
Physical Features: It is located in the transitional zone between Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau and Guangxi Hills so that much of the area is mountainous. 
Products: Watermelon; chufa; Wurong navel orange; Xili rice; beef; mutton and wild-growing Chinese medicinal herbs.

Rongjiang Coounty has a mild climate with an average annual temperature of 18.1 °C (64.6 °F). The couldest month is January with the lowest temperature dropping to -1.6 °C (29.1 °F), while the hottest month is July with the highest temperature reaching 37.7 °C ( 99.9°F).

The county boasts breathtaking natural scenery and unique custom of the Dong and Miao people. There visitors have a good chance to get close touch with ordinary Chinese's life as well as the Dong and Miao ethnic groups. Famous attractions in Rongjiang are: Basha Miao People's Village; Gaozeng Dong People's Village; Dali Dong People's Village; Sanbao Dong People's Village; Temple of King of Miao People and Moon Mountain.

 Getting From Kaili:
Long-distance buses leave Kaili for Rongjiang every forty minutes between 06:00 and 16:00. The journey takes about three hours and costs CNY 65 per person. Visitors can also rent a car to drive this route. The trip takes about three hours and costs around CNY 360. 
 Getting From Guiyang:
In Guiyang, visitors can go to the Guiyang Gym Long-distance Bus Station to take a bus to Rongjiang. Coaches depart at 09:40 and 13:00. It takes almost seven hours to make the trip and the ticket price is CNY 80.

 Travel Tips
The Dong People's Villages are the must-see attractions in Rongjiang, especially the Sanbao Dong People's Village. When visiting the villages, please be respectful of the minority groups' customs. The Miao people are good at making silver wares, and most are made by hand, so visitors may consider buying some when visiting the Miao villages.

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