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8-Day Guizhou In-depth Exploration to Guiyang, Sandu, Rongjiang, Liping, Zhaoxing, Congjiang, Rongjiang, Kaili and Guiyang

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miao minority people
Miao minority people in Guizhou

Day 01: Arrival in Guiyang
Guiyang Longdongbao Airport is only 12 kilometers away from downtown area. Upon arrival, you will meet our guide at the exit of the airport and then transfer to the 4-Star Trade Point Hotel. The guide will help you with the check-in procedure. If time permits, have a visit to the Hongfu Temple in Qianling Park in the afternoon. Qianling Park which covers an area of over 400 hectare is one of the biggest city parks in the country and contains the beauty of hills, forests, springs, lakes, caves temples and animals. Hongfu Temple was built more than 300 hundred years ago on Qianling Hill and now is the most important Buddhist temple in the province. From it one can see the panoramic view of Guiyang City.
Day 02: Guiyang - Sandu
Drive southeast for about 3.5 hours to Sandu. On the way, you will see the local Miao people making paper in the traditional way with tree barks, bamboos and hemps. The quality of the white paper is exquisite, flexible and very fit for painting. Now the smart Miao people can even use inartificial dyes to make colorful note paper, goffered paper and greeting cards which are welcome as fancy souvenirs by the tourists. Miao Ethnic Group is famous for their elegant and gorgeous raiment and trappings, but each of their villages has its own finery features. This afternoon, you will visit a Long-skirt Miao Village. Then after arrive at Sandu check in the local hostel which is simple and crude as limited by the local condition. (B+L) 
Day 03: Sandu - Rongjiang
Sandu is the only autonomous county of Shui Minority in China and half of the Shui people in the country live there. The Yangweng Shui People's Village visit is scheduled in the morning and you will see their inimitable inwrought craftworks. It is made from horse-tail and the making processes are complicated and recherche. The embroideries are with vivid and chromatic patterns which all reflect life and work of Shui people and are used in many ways. After lunch, drive to visit Sanbao Dong Village which is consisted of several small villages and stretches for about 15 kilometers and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the Duliu River on the way. In the Banyan Tree Scenic Area, you can see over 300 years old banyan trees which are mostly 20 meters in height and 6 meters girth. Stay overnight at Rongjiang County which is 5 kilometers away. (B+L)

Miao minority people, Guizhou
Miao minority people in Guizhou

Day 04: Rongjiang - Liping - Zhaoxing
In the morning, drive to Dali Dong Village which is 23 kilometers east to the county. Visit the Wind and Rain Bridges, Drum Tower, Dong style quadrangle courtyards and their particular barn. The village is surrounded by hundreds of old trees which incarnate a simple and unsophisticated sentiment of Dong people and nature in harmonious coexistence. Then head to Dimen Dong Village which is the second largest one and one of the cradlelands of Dong in the country. A family visit will be arranged today so that you will have a chance to contact with the local people closely and explore their daily life. Late afternoon, arrive at Zhaoxing and check in the hotel. (B+L)
Day 05: Zhaoxing - Congjiang - Rongjiang
Explore Zhaoxing Dong Village - the largest Dong Village in China. It is a peaceful and easy wonderland, and living with the local people and experience their lives are quite attractive. So many outcomers from big cities would love to stay here for weeks to enjoy a complete relaxation. Then drive 5 kilometers to visit Tang'an Dong Village which is noted as the ecological museum of Dong Minority Group for its long history and intact structure of the village, and the mountains of paddy terrace fields. After lunch, visit the Basha Miao Village which only has a population of about 2000. For thousands of years, Basha people was almost isolated from the outside world and kept their life style and culture well till today. After the highway is constructed, now tourists can appreciate its unique and indigenous customs. Drive back to Rongjiang in the afternoon. (B+L)
Day 06: Rongjiang - Kaili
Drive to Kaili via Leigong Mountain to view the gorgeous mountain scenery of terraced fields. Leigong Mountain is worshiped as the mother mountain by Miao Minority Group and is the main peak of Miao Ling Mountains. And on the way, you will visit another Shui People's Village located in a deep valley, a Pottery-making Village and a Long-skirt Miao Village. Late afternoon arrive at Kaili - the capital city of Guizhou southeast Autonomous prefecture of Miao & Dong people. Check in the local best hotel 4-star Heaven-sent Dragon Hotel for a good rest. (B+L)

A Miao minority village in Guizhou
A Miao minority village in Guizhou

Day 07: Kaili - Guiyang
Drive about 3 hours to back to Guiyang. After check in and refresh at the Sheraton Guiyang Hotel, visit the Jiaxiu Pavilion which is situated on Fuyu Bridge over the Nanming River. It was firstly built in 1598 in the Ming Dynasty and now the landmark of Guiyang. Qingyan Old Town is located 29 kilometers south away from Guiyang City. About 600 hundreds years old, it was a very important military town and the Ming and Qing style structure of the town is well reserved. Despite all the ancient courtyards, houses, temples and memorial arches, another highlight of Qianyan Old Town is the harmonious atmosphere of the coexistence of Buddhism, Taoism, Catholicism and Christianity. (B+L)
Day 08: Departure from Guiyang
Your toilsome, yet pleasant Guizhou tour ends today. When packing up, please make sure not to leave anything behind. According to your homeward bound flight time, you will be transferred to the airport and say good-bye to your local guide and driver. Hope you had fun and will bring home with the best memories from this exciting journey to this most amazing land. (B)

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