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Dunhuang Han Great Wall

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  • Dunhuang Great Wall
    Dunhuang Great Wall
  • Broken Walls on Gobi Desert
    Broken Walls on Gobi Desert
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Admission Fee: CNY 40 (included in the ticket of Yumenguan Pass)
Opening Hours: All day
Best Visiting Time: May to October
Location: Dunhuang Han Great Wall is located about 5 km (3.1 miles) west of Yumenguan. 

 Introduction: About 5 km (3.1 miles) west of Yumenguan, a rugged wall of earth and tree branches stands in the endless Gobi desert. It was a section of the Han-dynasty Great Wall in Dunhuang. Over the past 2,000 years or so, many parts have been eroded to nothing, but the remaining parts still reflect traces of the original wall. The wall totals 136 km (84.5 miles) from the Northern Lake in the east to Mamitu and borders Xinjiang in the west. The wall was built of local materials, such as earth, gravel, and branches of rose willow, reed, and poplar. Beacon towers were dotted every 5 km along the wall. Built into a square column shape with wide bottom and narrow top, the towers were used to watch the enemies and send messages, therefore, most towers stood in high places.

 History: At the beginning of the Western Han Dynasty (206BC - 24AD), the Huns from the north invaded the central area and robbed the traders on the Silk Road. The Western Han government decided to negotiate peace with the Huns. However, the peace treaty did not last for long, and the Huns continued their invasion. In order to defend against the Huns, strengthen the frontier, and safeguard the Silk Road, Han Wudi, the 5th emperor of the Western Han Dynasty, decided to fight back and built a wall in Zhangye, Jinta, Jiayuguan, Yunmen, Dunhuang and Anxi areas.

 Transportation: No public transportation reaches the site. Visitors can rent a car from the city.

 Dining & Accommodation: The attraction is far from the city, so there are no restaurants or hotels around. You can stay and dine in the city. 

Travel Tips:
1. Dunhuang has a dry continental climate. The temperature changes greatly between day and night, so please take an extra coat with you. A pair of Sunglasses, a hat and a bottle of suntan lotion are very necessary to keep you from the strong ultraviolet. A piece of scarf or kerchief is also very useful to block sand.
2. Take enough food and drinking water with you.
3. The entrance fee is included in the ticket of Yumenguan Pass, so visitors may go to Yumenguan first and then visit the Han Great Wall.

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