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Overhanging Great Wall

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Admission Fee: CNY 31 (including stamped postcard)
Opening Hours: 08:30  -  20:00 (summer and autumn); 08:30  -  18:00 (spring and winter)
Best Visiting Time: May to October
Location: Belonging to Jiayuguan military defense system, the great wall is situated on the northern slope of the Heishan Mountain (Black Mountain) in the north of Shiguanxia Canyon, around 11 kilometers (6.83 miles) from downtown Jiayuguan City and 6.5 kilometers (4.03 miles) from Jiayuguan Pass.

A popular Chinese saying says: 'There is Badaling in the east and Overhanging Great Wall in west.' It was rammed with gravel and local yellow clay, topped with a walking road, battlements and three observation platforms. Its appearance and grandeur is very like the Badaling in Beijing, enjoying the fame as 'Western Badaling'.

Located on the eastern slope of Heishan Mountain, Overhanging Great Wall occupies a unique position. Seen from afar, it is just like an overhanging iron arm spreading down the mountain until it closes the mouth of the canyon, hence its name. It can't be seen from west to east, leading enemies to believe they could enter central China if only they could skirt round the Jiayuguan Pass City Tower, tranversing the Canyon of Heishan Mountain. However, they were grossly mistaken, as they found there was another section of wall as firm as an iron arm that was much too difficulty to cross. Thus, it was regarded as a permanent barrier. 

It is a stretch of Jiayuguan Pass in the north, serving as an important part of the military defensive system of Jiayuguan Pass in ancient times. It was built in 1539 of the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644) to make the military defensive system predominating in Jiayuguan Pass unbreakable. The present wall was renovated in 1987, with a total length of 750 m (820.2 yards). Of the present wall, 231 m are overhanging in the 150 m (492.1 feet) high mountain ridges with a slope of 45 degrees, and the height and width of the wall has remained the same as the original wall. To make it easier to climb, another two observation platforms were added at the beginning and the end, and some steps were built along the observation platforms and slopes. 

 Transportation: It's better to hire a bus or rent a taxi from Jiayuguan City  to the attraction, since no public buses reach there.

 Dinning and Accommodation: Visitors have to return to Jiayuguan City to dine and lodge overnight, since scenic spot is a sparsely populated mountain area.

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  • Hi, I am travelling soon to Jiayuguan with family. We are looking for a mini-bus (6 adults and 3 kids) to take us at Jiayuguan Airport, go and see the overhanging great wall and jiayuguan pass, then drive us to hotel. Next day, take us to Dunhuang (early morning departure), see the Mogao grottoes, then Mingshashan Mountain and Sand Dunes. Then drive us to hotel in Dunhuang. Next day, drive us to Western Thousand Budha Caves, Yuangguan Pass, Yumenguan pass, then drive us to Dunhuang Airport in afternoon. Can you recommend some transportation people, and may be a guide (english speaking)? Thanks, Denis

    Asked By Denis (Beijing, China) | Mar. 22, 2012 02:07
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