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The traditional Chinese rickshaw is based on a tricycle and has served as a common and cheap means of transportation for decades in Beijing. However, along with tmost of the old and crumbling tenement courtyards and hutongs, the rickshaw is a thing of the past and is no longer acceptable in an increasingly modern city. Fortunately, some well-known courtyards and hutongs are preserved as cultural relics, giving color for the ancient capital. The rickshaw, likewise, finds its own means of survival.

Now, a hutong tour by rickshaw has been developed as a unique tourist attraction in Beijing. Visitors from all over the world are taking traditional rickshaws to move around the historic hutongs. Traveling via Shichahai and across Yinding Bridge, a stop is made at the Drum Tower where a climb opens up a vista of old Beijing and the hutongs that radiate into all directions. The tour continues to the Houhai area to visit the North and South Guanfang Hutongs, Da/xiao (Big/Small) Jinsi Hutong and Qianhoujing Hutong. Here, tourists can step into the ordinary courtyards to talk with the locals.

The cost of Beijing Rickshaws: The tour of the hutongs in Shichahai takes about one and a half to two hours and the fare is approximately CNY200. This is more expensive than travelling by taxi but the visitor will enjoy a more intimate flavor of life in old Beijing due to the slower pace of this mode of transport. At the same time, by its very nature the rickshaw is more suited to the old Beijing hutongs than other means of transport.

To have a better insight into the locla life style and to have a different experience, more and more visitors choose to take this rickshaw tour the Beijing Hutongs at night. There are three recommended night time routes:
1. Qianhai South Bank – Yingding Bridge – Qianhai North Bank: Usually in Beijing, where there is water, where there are groups of night owls. You will see this as soon as you set out from Qianhai. When approaching the Yinding Bridge, You will encounter people from all parts of the world passing through the small bridge. On the left of the bridge are some newly established bars, which add more color to your tour especially at night. Coming to the Qianhai North Bank, it is much quieter than the former part of the trip, but you may meet some peddlers and see the occasional craft stores such as Hutongzhang, Mianrenyou and Nirenzhang.
2. Qianhai South Bank – Yingding Bridge – Houhai North Bank – Former Residence of Song Qingling - Prince Gong's Mansion: It is a long trip, lasting around one and a half hours. The starting route is the same as that of the above, and the only difference is that you will go straight on instead of crossing the Yinding Bridge. On the way, you may also see many bars with open cinemas and signs for restaurants. However, you will find it is a little bit dark, even to the point that you may not be able to distinguish the color of the driver's clothing. That is until arrive at the Prince Gong's Mansion, the courtyard is brightly illuminated, revealing the nobility of a wealthy and influential family.
3. South and North Luoguxiang: You can’t hear sonorous singing here, but you may hear your own heart beat. The hutongs are somewhat narrow but well-preserved. There are some stores scattered here and there, most of which are small but delicate. If you feel in need of a rest, you can ask the driver to stop at a bar to have a break, such as Zhe Li and Guo Ke.

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  • Can you pre book a tour of the hutongs by rickshaw? If so how ?Thanks

    Asked By Kathy (United Kingdom) | Nov. 12, 2018 18:24
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  • Hi,

    I am going to BJ in August 2018 and I would like to know where I could take the Hutong Rickshaw, the price and the route detail. Does the tour stop at both Drum Tower and Bell Tower to allow us to climb both towers as well as Nan Lou Gu Xiang? If the route does not stop over at Drum and Bell Towers, could I take the rickshaw at Nan Lou Gu Xiang and will the price be the same?

    Thank you very much.

    Asked By Emily Tan (Brunei) | Jun. 26, 2018 02:09
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  • I want to see bell tower, song Ching ling house, hutongs, and get to Hutong pizza house at the end. Also, I'd like information on where to go to do the boats after supper with the paper boats and candles.

    7 people.


    Is it possible to go to astronomy place too?

    Asked By Sarah (USA/Beijing) | May. 28, 2017 03:09
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