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Biking in Beijing

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Cycling around Beijing provides ideal way for visitors. It provides flexibility of connecting with the local people. Travelers can hop on a bike to go from one tourist attraction to another at leisure. They can stop at anywhere and at any time to pause for a taste of the local snacks, or for taking in the city view, or can even strike up a conversation with others on the road. Cycling bypasses the traffic jams and crowded public transit.

More Beijing outlets now provide bicycle rental services due to popular demands. You find them at hotels, scenic spots, universities, and subway stations. At last count, there are over 50,000 bikes available at around 230 rental sites. To rent a bike, travelers make a deposit of CNY400, and the hourly charge is CNY5, half day (4 hours) for CNY10  and CNY20 for a whole day. Partial charges are not available. Beijing residents are privileged to rent the bicycle for an extended period after paying the deposit. They pay CNY 70 for a week, CNY60 for a month (30 days) and CNY100 for a year. At the time of writing only a few rental sites accept credit cards. The Beijing Hotel in Wangfujing is the leading pioneer for card payment. Other places may soon follow in future, when bicycles are expected to be returnable at any site like U-haul in the States.

Bicycle riders often visit the old Beijing Hutongs. You can rent both ordinary and tandem bikes at a premium in the well-known Hutong Areas such as Houhai and Shichahai. Usually, it costs CNY10 per hour for a regular bike and CNY20 per hour for a tandem one, after a deposit of CNY500. 

 Tip: 33 bicycle outlets around the Subway Line 5 in Dongcheng district providing public bicycle rental service wll be put into use in June, 2012. Citizens and visitors holding real name public transportation cards can rent bicycles for free for the first hour. The detailed charge is free for the first hour, CNY 1 per hour after the first hour, and at most CNY 10 per day.

Three Classic Hutong Tour Routes by Bicycle:
1. Liulichang East Street – Kwan-yin Temple – Dashilan Street – Meihsijie Hutong – Deshoutang Pharmacy – Former Residence of Ji Xiaolan – Hufangqiao – Liulichang
2. Liulichang – Hufangqiao – Changchun Temple – Baoguo Temple – Ox Street (Niujie) - Niujie Mosque - Huguang Guild Hall – Liulichang
3. Liulichang - Huguang Guild Hall – Nanhengjie – Fayuan Temple - Grand View Garden - Liulichang

 Beijing Bike Tours: We offer different biking routes for you to ride through the narrow Hutongs, explore the ancient culture and enjoy the night charm of Beijing.  
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