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Shanghai Expo 2010

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  • China Pavilion
    China Pavilion
  • United Kingdom Pavilion
    United Kingdom Pavilion
  • A Restaurant in Shanghai Expo
    A Restaurant in Shanghai Expo
  • France Pavilion
    France Pavilion
  • USA Pavilion
    USA Pavilion
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On December 3, 2002, Shanghai won the bid from the five candidate cities of hosting the World Expo 2010; the World Expo 2010 thus became the first pending registered world exposition in a developing country in its 100-year-plus history.  

With the theme 'Better City, Better Life,' World Expo 2010 Shanghai is the world exposition to explore the full potential of urban life in the 21st century and a significant period in urban evolution. 

Fifty-five percent of the world population is expected to live in cities by 2010. The prospect of future urban life, a subject of global interest, concerns all nations, developed or less developed, and their people. For its 184 days (May 1 - October 31), participants will have a chance to delve into urban civilization to the fullest extent, exchange experiences in urban development, disseminate advanced notions on cities and explore new approaches to human habitat, lifestyles and working conditions in the new century. Participants and visitors will get a chance to see how to create an eco-friendly society and to maintain the sustainable development of humanity. 

Shanghai Expo Framework Map
Shanghai Expo Framework Map
Sahnghai Expo Site Map
Shanghai Expo Site Map

There are two innovations of the Expo 2010, Expo Shanghai Online and the UBPA (Urban Best Practices Area). Expo Shanghai Online functions as an introductory channel, extension and supplement of the real exposition, in the form of a Web site combining 3D exhibitions, events and interactive activities. 

It is a green and high-tech exposition; for instance, in the buildings site solar energy is widely used in structures and rainwater is collected and recycled.

The theme of Expo 2010 is 'Better City, Better Life,' representing the common desire of humankind for a better life in an urban environment. Through various sub-themes, it will create blueprints for future cities and harmonious urban lifestyles, providing an extraordinary educational and entertaining platform for visitors of all nations.

The emblem, depicting the image of three people—you, me, him/her holding hands together, symbolizes the big family of mankind, expressing the concept of the world expo: understanding and communication, gathering and cooperation. Inspired by the shape of the Chinese character '世' (shi, meaning the world), the design conveys the organizers' wish to host an Expo which is of global scale and which showcases the diversified urban cultures of the world. Green has been chosen as the dominant hue, symbolizing the vigor of life.    

Created from the Chinese character '人' (ren, people), the mascot embodies the character of the Chinese culture and echoes with the designing concept of the emblem of World Expo Shanghai. The structure of Chinese character '人', in which two strokes support each other, manifests the concept that a good life should be created by all the people. 

The name of the mascot is Hai Bao, which means the treasure of the sea. The name of Hai Bao is easy to remember and is echoed in the colour of its body, blue, and is a typical lucky name in Chinese tradition. 

The hair of the mascot is like the waves of a sea, which represents its open character and the character of its birth place: Shanghai. The blue colour shows its latitude and imagination, which represents the rising and potential China.

 Important celebrations
Important celebrations include the opening ceremony on the evening of April 30, 2010; the closing ceremony on the evening of October 31; China Day at the China Pavilion on October 1; the opening ceremony of the Site on May 1; and the daily opening and closings at the site.

186 countries and 47 international organizations participate in Expo 2010. Among the 186 countries, 45 are European, 45 are  Asian, 50 are African and 30 are the Americas. 

 2010 Shanghai Expo Introduction:  Tickets     Sites & Facilities     Knowledge 

Questions & Answers on Shanghai Expo 2010
  • is it true the China Pavilion reopen? when will it close?
    i will be in shanghai next April, can i still go to visit the China Pavilion??

    Asked By Blare (United Kingdom) | Dec. 03, 2010 03:40
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  • Hello
    our 4 pax group will come to shanghai durning December from myanmar.
    Can we visit to Shangahi exposition? I heard that is still open for guests can visit inside the site .

    Asked By sandar (Myanmar) | Nov. 21, 2010 20:02
    1 AnswerAnswer Question
  • Hello everybody!
    This is my first time to China, and i want to go to the exposition. but i have no idea about it, can you give me some information or your personal feelings about it?

    Asked By Tom (AU) | Oct. 13, 2010 20:08
    2 AnswersAnswer Question
  • I am a travel agent in the U.S.
    I would like to see if I can get 2 tickets for opening ceremonies.
    How can I make this happen?

    Asked By Linda (United States) | Apr. 04, 2010 13:08
    1 AnswerAnswer Question
  • I will only have two full days to see Expo. What would be the highlights and the best things to see in this short time frame

    Asked By Moyra Jardon (United States) | Feb. 11, 2010 07:35
    1 AnswerAnswer Question
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