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Xunyang Tower & Suojiang Tower

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Xunyang Tower

Located on the Yangtze River, Xunyang Tower was originally mentioned in the poem of Wei Yingwu, Cishi (feudal provincial or prefecture governor) of Jiangzhou in the Tang Dynasty (618 - 907). Later, Poets like Bai Juyi, Wei Yingwu and Su Dongpo visited here and left their poetries and inscriptions, but what made it widely known owes to the vivid description of the famous classical Chinese novel 'the Water Margin' (Shuihu) by Shi Nai'an.

The present Xunyang Tower we see was rebuilt in the spring of 1989 by the local government, covering an area of about 2,000 square meters (2, 392 square yards). The main building is as high as about 20 meters (66 feet), having a simple and grand look, with cloisters and green tiles and maintaining the style of restaurant in Song Dynasty (960 - 1279). Looking outside, you will see it has three floors but indeed it has four floors in it, although the fourth floor is unavailable now.
Walking into the hall of the first floor, what comes to your eyes first should be the two large-size murals about the scene that the hero Song Jiang wrote offensive poems and his brothers rescued him at the place of execution on the eastern and western wall respectively. The murals are made of 600 pieces of colored ceramic tiles by exquisite workmanship, presenting you vivid people and brilliant pictures.
The second floor is the exhibition hall, exhibited with the ceramic statue of the 108 heroes in 'the Water Margin'. The columns in the hall are carved with the poems of the celebrities of ancient and modern about Xunyang Tower.
The third floor is built into an ancient restaurant, equipped with Song-dynasty-style tables and chairs and broadcast classical music. When you climb up the pavilion and have an overlook, you will see that Yangtze River, the mist and the boats while enjoying Chinese wine and tea. This is really a beautiful picture and let you completely relaxed and happy.

 Entrance Fee: CNY 20 
 Opening Hours: 08:00 - 18:30 
 Transportation: Take Bus No. 5, 12 or 23 and get off at Xunyanglou stop.

Suojiang Tower

Erected by the south bank overlooking the Yangtze River, Suojiang Tower forms a towering guard northeast of the Jiujiang City. Originally built in about 1585 during the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644) and finished in 1603, the tower was not built alone. It is said that another pagoda and four iron oxen together with the Suojiang Tower formed a system to fulfill the people's wish to tame the turbulent Yangtze River. However, the system underwent much misfortune during four hundred years of changes. An earthquake and many battles destroyed the whole setup, leaving only the Suojiang Tower standing proud. Especially during the Anti-Japanese war, the tower was bombed and received many holes. That it is still standing is considered as a symbol of the strong will of the Jiujiang citizens. 

The seven-tiered structure with six sides is 35 meters high (115 feet). Climbing the wooden spiral staircase to the top, visitors get a panoramic view of the surrounding areas. Lofty mountains, high-rise buildings and the Yangtze River create a spectacular view of Jiujiang City. In recent years, the Suojiang Tower has been repaired and restored and is now under the provincial protection of the Jiangxi Province.

 Entrance Fee: CNY 20 
 Opening Hours: 08:00 - 18:00 
 Transportation: Take Bus No. 5 or 23 and get off at Suojianglou stop. 
 Tip: The Xunyang Tower is very close to the Suojiang Tower, you can walk to Xunyang Tower within a few minutes.

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