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Poyang Lake

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Poyang Lake is China's largest fresh water lake. It is located in the northern part of Jiangxi Province, south of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River.

 Geological Features
There is a 40 kilometer (24.9 miles) long water channel connecting the huge main lake to the Yangtze River. The main lake to the south is about 173 kilometers (107.5 miles) long from south to north while the average width of the lake is 16.9 kilometers (10.5 miles) with the widest part being 74 kilometers (46 miles). When the water level reaches a height of 21.73 meters (71.3 feet) the surface area of Poyang Lake is approximately 3,280 square kilometers (810,506 acres). The average depth of the water is 8.4 meters (27.6 feet) with a maximum depth of 25.1 meters (70.5 feet).

 A World for Birds
Poyang Lake is a seasonal lake with a variable water level regulated by the changing flow of the Yangtze River throughout the year. It reaches its maximum water volume between March and July because of the frequent spring and summer rainfall. Every winter the lake's total surface area is reduced by between 14% and 17%, revealing huge beaches. Vigorously growing trees and grass on the beaches together with an ample water supply provide an ideal place for migrant birds and other animals to live through winter.

Renowned as the worlds biggest bird protection area, more than 300 species of birds are found at Poyang Lake with 50 species of rare birds. In recent years, the largest flock of White Cranes has been found here. More than 4,000 White Cranes migrated and assembled at the lake in 2002 making up 95% of the total number in the world.

The most scenic area can be found along the water channel at the northern edge of the lake. Steep cliffs and deep water combine to form an environment of great natural beauty. Not far from the outlet is the island known as 'Dagu' which has gained fame from being the subject of many famous lines by some of China's renowned ancient poets. The rich green landscape combined with ancient architecture provide a magnificent setting for the legends which abound here and will leave the visitor entranced.

The famous Stone Bell Hill is situated where the lake meets the Yangtze River. The hill is shaped like an overturned bell and when waves splash on the hill it gives off a sound like a bell, hence the name. The pavilions, doorways and halls are designed to take full advantage of the various landforms as well as echoing the shapes of the hill.

Overall this is an area of great beauty waiting to be explored. The Nanshan (South Mountain) near the Duchang County is another destination worth including on any visitor's schedule.

 Entrance Fee: CNY 100

 Transportation: Visitors can take the free shuttle bus to Poyang Lake National Wetland Park at the gate of the Bureau of Land Resource of Jiujiang at 08:30 or 14:30. 

A. Poyang Lake is the best place to watch birds for the birds-lovers, but you need to apply a bird-watching permission at Jiangxi Poyang Lake National Nature Reserve Authority.
B. Best Time to Watch Birds: Mid Oct. to Next Mid Mar.

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