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Jiujiang Attractions

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  • Jiujiang Xunyang Tower
    Jiujiang Xunyang Tower
  • Lushan Mountain
    Lushan Mountain
  • Bailudong Academy, Jiujiang
    Bailudong Academy, Jiujiang
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Lushan National Park 
Lushan Mountain lies to the south of Jiujiang City of Jiangxi Province; the exceptional landscapes and its great contribution to the development of Chinese revolution have convinced the whole world of the importance of Lushan National Park. 

Xunyang Tower 
Xunyang Tower in Jiujiang City is famous for the relationship with the famous poets in ancient times, such as Bai Juyi, Wei Yingwu and Su Dongpo, but what makes it most famous is the vivid description of the famous classical Chinese novel 'the Water Margin' (Shuihu) by Shi Nai'an.

Poyang Lake 
Poyang Lake is China's largest fresh water lake. It is located in the northern part of Jiangxi Province, south of the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River. Renowned as the world's biggest bird protection area, more than 300 species of birds are found at Poyang Lake.

Gantang Lake 
With crystal clean water surrounding an island, Gantang Lake in the centre of Jiujiang City makes the city elegant and graceful. Covering an area of 800,000 square meters, Gantang Lake is a naturally-formed lake fed by water from Lushan Mountain.

Donglin Monastery 
Located northwest of Lushan Mountain in Jiujiang City, Donglin Monastery is renowned as the cradle of Chinese Pure Land Buddhism. The monastery with many grand structures and the profound culture of Buddhism attracts many visitors from both home and abroad each year. 

Nengren Temple 
Located at the Yuliang Road of Jiujiang City, the Nengren Temple has long been renowned as one of the most significant temples in Jiangxi Province. Originally built in the year of 503 during the Eastern Jin Dynasty, it now enjoys a rich history of 1,500 years.

Stone Bell Hill  
Stone Bell Hill is situated at the outlet of Poyang Lake, south bank of the Yangtze River, surrounded by water on three sides. Stone Bell Hill was first mentioned as a rare geographical phenomenon by Li Daoyuan (a geographer) in historical records of the Northern Wei Period. 

Wave Well 
Wave Well (Lang Jing) is said to be the most ancient relic found in Jiujiang City. It is located in the Langjing Lane, which is very close to the Yangtze River. The water in it had waves when the Yangtze River did, thus the name Wave Well. 

Suojiang Tower 
Suojiang Tower was first built in 1558, during the Ming Dynasty (13688 - 1644). Situated by the south bank overlooking the Yangtze River, Suojiang Tower forms a towering guard northeast of the Jiujiang City.

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