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Diecai Hill

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Lying in the northern part of Guilin City, Diecai Hill is one of the well-known tourist attractions famous for its nice view and stone formations. Seen from afar, the hill seems to be piled up layers upon layers, thus it is called Diecai Hill, namely folded brocade hill. It is otherwise called Laurel Hill, because of the laurels that have spread across the slopes since ancient times, Wind Cave Hill, as there is a wind cave in the hill. Covering an area of two square kilometers, it is composed of Yue Hill, Siwang Hill, Bright Moon Peak and Crane Peak. 

Diecai Hill is inclusive of Diecai Pavilion, the Yuyue Pavilion, the Chengren Tablet of Masters Qu and Zhang, the Yangzhi Hall, the Wind Cave, the Diecai Building, the Wangjiang Pavilion and the Nayun Pavilion.

Diecai Pavilion can be easily accessed through the gate of Diecai Garden. It occupies an area of about 64 square kilometers (24.7 square miles) on the hillside of Bright Moon Peak with the height of 5 meters (16.4 feet), length of 7.5 meters (8.2 yards) and width of 8.5 (9.3 yards) meters. Though it is only one single storeyed, it is well designed and elaborately built with red poles, green tiles, and four unique angles. 

You will come further to the Wind Cave after a short way along the stele in honor of two loyalists Qu Shisi and Zhang Tongchang of the Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644). It is a queer cave running from north to south halfway up the hillside of Bright Moon Peak. The gourdshaped cave covers an area of 140 square meters (167 square yards) with the total length of 20 meters (21.9 yards), the maximum width of 9.2 meters (10.1 yards) and the tiptop of 5 meters (16.4 feet). Wind Cave was originally an ancient watercourse underground. It has a wide mouth protruding from either side of the slope and a narrow part in the middle allowing the passage of only one person. What is worth mentioning is its changing temperature of the winds. Whichever the season is, the cold breeze blows in the cave, and then it was considered as the 'Cool World'. The wind blows either warmly or coldly as the season varies, so you will have different experiences if you go there at different time. It is not only the world of wind but also is a treasure house for cultural relics. There are nearly 100 Buddha images of Tang (618 - 907) and Song (960 - 1276) Dynasties and 210 stone carvings here.

Your vision will be widened as you reach the top of the main peak, Bright Moon Peak, where the Cloud-Catching Pavilion sits. It is second to none for you to admire the picturesque Li River along with the magnificence of Guilin City. Standing in the Cloud-Catching Pavilion, your eyes will be feasted by the endless Li River that is like a blue ribbon winding its way among the mountain, the towering craggy Duxiu Hill and Fubo Hill, the households beside the river, many other unnamed hills etc. Just because of the assembly of so much nice sceneries, Diecai Hill becomes more enchanting!  

 Entrance Fee:CNY 20 (kids under 1.0 m are free);CNY 10 ( for kids between 1.0 - 1.4 m)

 Openging Hours: 06:30 - 18:30 (Apr. to Oct.) 07:00 - 18:00 (Nov. to Mar.)

 Bus Routes: Take Bus No. 2, 58 or Tourism Bus No. 1 and get off at  Diecai Hill stop

 Recommended Visiting Time: 1 - 2 hours

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