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"Tengchong - Heshun"

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West bordering Myanmar, Tengchong County in Yunnan Province, historically is a strategic passage of the ancient south-west Silk Road (the Sichuan to India route). Being well-known for its unique landscape of volcanoes and geothermal scenery, Tengchong is also rich in ethnic folklores for there are about 23 nationalities live in the county. During recent years, Tengchong with peculiar characteristics becomes an ideal destination for tourists. Resulting from tropical monsoon climate, the yearly average temperature is 14.8? in Tengchong, which is favorable for sightseeing in all seasons.

If you are in Kunming, you can reach Tengchong via Baoshan city. You may take flight to Baoshan, where the direct tourist bus journey of three hours to Tengchong is available at a cost of about CNY45.00 net per person. If you leave from Dali, you can take the express coach to Baoshan and then transfer to the bus to Tengchong. Alternatively, if you are used to road travel, you could take the direct long-distance coach for seven hours from Dali to Tengchong at a cost of CNY82.00 net per person. However, the coach is only available from 10:00 to 18:00 every day. Upon arrival in Tengchong bus station, you are advised to take a taxi at cost of CNY5.00 net to reach Tengchong International Youth Hostel (Address: Yuquanyuan, Tengchong County, Baoshan City, Yunnan; Telphone, No. 0875-5198677). After a short rest, you may explore the county and have dinner at leisure. It takes about CNY5.00 net to travel around Tengshun from one site to another, which is quite economical and convenient.

In the second day morning, you can take taxi at a cost of CNY15.00 net for about 40 minutes to National GEO Park of Tengchong Volcanic and Geothermal. The admission fee is CNY30.00 net per person. Inside the park, there are 97 dormant volcanoes, among which 23 volcanoes are stayed perfectly with the volcano craters and cones. There are also lava mesas of different levels, various lava flows, barrier lakes, hot springs and other volcano landforms. Formed 10000 to 3400000 years ago, these dormant volcanoes had came through very long periods of geological evaluations, tectonic movements, magma eruptions and finally left groups of splendid geologic vestiges and natural landscapes of high scientific and social value. The columnar jointing in the park, especially in the Black Fish Gorge is another spectacular highlight. If you visit the National GEO Park of Tengchong Volcanic and Geothermal in a beautiful weather, you can take the sightseeing fire balloon to overlook the landscape. The cost will be CNY100.00 net per person. Return to Tengchong County at about lunch time. In the afternoon, you are recommended to visit the Dieshuihe Waterfall, which is the sole volcano barrier waterfall in China. The Dayingjiang River runs through Tengchong County from north to south, abruptly falls down from the huge fault scarp and finally forms the Dieshuihe Waterfall. With wonderful clusters of columnar jointing situated on cliffs of its two sides, the Diecaihe Waterfall in a height of 46 meters splashed over the rocks accompanied by a crash as loud as thunder. The magnificent scene is a perfect delight to one's eye. Before dinner time, you may take taxi back to Tengchong County. A sweet sleep will refresh you for the next day journey to Rehai (Hot Sea) and the Heshun Old Town.

In the third day morning, continue the journey to Rehai (Hot Sea) by chartering a mini vehicle, which will cost you CNY60.00 net for return fare. The admission fee is CNY40.00 net per person for the scenic spot. Rehai is not sea, but a valley in 9 square kilometers with groups of geothermal hot springs amid steams. You can find hot steams abundantly following out from the thick woods, steep slope and grounds in the valley. Among the groups of hot springs, 14 springs have the temperature above 90 degree centigrade, some of which even higher than the local boiling point. Carrying stories behind them, many hot springs have interesting names, such as the Big Boiling Pot, the Peral Spring, the Lion Head, the Frog Mouth and so on. The Big Boiling Pot is the most noted spring for its temperature is about 97 degree centigrade. It is said that once a cattle accidentally fell into the pot when lapping up the salty spring water. Then it was boiled to skeleton a few minutes as the cowboy called people back from the village. Other than being a sightseeing spot, some of the springs in Rehai are suitable for bathing, which could bring remedies to certain diseases. After that return to Tengshun County and proceed to the next site, Heshun Town, which is just 3 kilometers from Tengchong County. Subordinated to Tengchong, Heshun is the home of many overseas Chinese and an important border trade town. CNY2.00 net by mini vehicle or CNY10.00 net by taxi could lead you to the old town. There are over 1000 traditional houses in Heshun, among which 100 or more houses built in Qing Dynasty have been regarded as the active fossils of Chinese traditional constructions. Here one could not only appreciate the beauty of buildings in river side village of South China, but also seek for the element of architectures in Western and South Asia. The South Asian style front door of the Cun's Ancestral Hall, the European style windows of Aisiqi (a renowned Chinese philosopher) Old House, the Britain style iron arts of Wanlouzi Dwelling Houses and the Yunnan old buildings are built in harmony with mountains and streams, each representing a beautiful ornament to the other. Remarkably, Heshun owns the largest nationwide well-stocked village library, which was built in the year 1928. Although a small town as it is, tourists usually could not tear themselves away from it. Return to Tengchng after the day tour. If you still have additional time, you may take a short visit to the Jade Trading Center for Tengchong was once the most important center of jade trading with South East Asia.

The following day, you can return to Dali or Kunming in the same way. If you have enough time, you may indulge yourself for a free day to visit Tengchong or Heshun in depth.

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