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"Acquaintanceship with Jiujiang"

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Jiujiang is a coast city along Yangtze River in north of Jiangxi Province. With more than 2000 years old history, this beautiful city becomes the famous historic and cultural city and it awarded "China Charming City" in 2004. The miraculous nature endows Jiujiang with the advantageous position and the spectacular landscape. There are as many as 230 scenic spots and cultural relics scattered among the 18,000 square kilometers. Almost every historic relic there has a touching legend. You are suggested to be personally on the scene and explore the beautiful stories. It must be add more interests to your journey.

As a transportation junction, Jiujiang can be reached by airplane, railway, ship as well as highway. Lushan airport is located in the South Yuliang Road in Jiujiang. The airport offers domestic flights from Jiujiang to the big cities, like Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Haikou, Guangzhou etc. Jiujiang railway station is the important stop in the Jingjiu railway line. The Through Trains to these big cities are available. There are more than ten passenger liners berth in the Jiujiang Port and you can also find many mosquito crafts from Jiujiang to Wuhan. As for the transportation downtown is also very convenient. The taxi fee is different as you choose different car. The taxi flag fall is CNY3 for Xiali taxi for the first two kilometers, and it is CNY1.2 per kilometer for the remainder of the journey. The flag fall is CNY7 for Jetta taxi for the fist two kilometers and it rises CNY1.4 every kilometers for the remainder of the journey.

The one day tour starts from Xunyang Tower, which lies by the Yangtze River. From the Jiujiang downtown center to Xunyang Tower, there are only 1.3 kilometers away. Xunyang Tower has three floors with the architectural style of the Song Dynasty (960-1279). This pavilion is famous for the Rebellion title poem by Songjiang, a main role in the "Water Margins", one of the four famous Chinese classical works. Take No. 23 bus from Xunyang Tower, after three stops, you can get off at Pipa Pavilion. Facing Yangtze River, backing against the Pipa Lake, Pipa Pavilion is 20 meter high and covers about 3300 square kilometers. There is a white marble- made statues of Baijuyi, a famous poet in Tang Dynasty (618-907).

In the afternoon, visit Gantang Lake and Nengren Temple. There are 5.7 kilometers from Pipa Pavilion to Gantang Lake. You can take No. 5 bus and get off at Gantang Park stop. The water in Gantang Lake comes from the spring in Lushan. Covers almost 0.8 square kilometers, Gantang Lake have Yanshui Pavilion in the heart, which includes Chunyang hall, Cuizhao Veranda, Boat Hall, Wuxian Pavilion etc. The south part of lake is in the Gantang Park, while the east part is the Nanhu Park. The next stop is in the center of the city, Nengren Temple, which is famous for its Eight Sights, including the Dasheng Tower, Stone Boat, Yuchuan Stone, Shuangyang Bridge, Huier Spring, Iron Buddha, Ice Mountain and Snow Cave.

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