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Upon you arrive at Yichang airport, you can take the airport shuttle bus heading for the downtown. Either the Dagong Bridge or the Three Dock bus stop can be your stop. After getting the bus, you can have a short break at the bus station. Then, take the No. 10 bus go directly towards the Xi Ling Xiakou scenic spot. It is the most miraculous gorge among the Three Gorges and consists of eight section of the landscape. Its entrance fare is 50 yuan per person, which excludes the fare for the White Horse Cave fare 22 yuan. If you happened to visit this scenery place in March, you cannot miss the Peach Blossom Cun. The peach blossom will be very charming and quite amazing. You can take wonderful pictures there. Other sections are worth your visiting as well. Later, you can take the No. 10 bus carrying on to its terminal and pay a visit on the San You Cave. This cave is a typical limestone cave with the hanging stone on the top of the cave and the convex stone on the ground. It is really fascinating to see the marvelous stalactites in the cave. Some ancient great poets and scholars had been here to visit this place and left their marks. After that, it's time for you return to the downtown by No. 10 bus. If you would like to enjoy the real local flavor in the Hong Xing Road ( i.e. Red Star road) and there you can have a wonderful local snacks dinner. As for the accommodation, you do not need to worry at all. There are many suitable proper hotels in different levels for you to stay an overnight. You can find the proper one satisfying your demand.

The second day, having a good rest, you will experience the following trip with energies. Take the No. 29 or No. 30 bus heading for the Binjiang Park, which is located beside the Yangtze River and it has been praised as the No. 1 Park next to the Great River. If you have interests, it is a good choice for your trip. Besides, the Nature Bridge in Yichang is near to the park. This inheritance of history was originally built in Jing Dynasty (265 ~ 420) and renovated in the period of 1745~1790 in Qing Dynasty. Now, it is still the witness of the modern world as the provincial preservation relic and key point of interest. After strolling there, you will go forward to your next destination - the well-known Gezhou Dam Hydroelectric Power Station in Yangtze River. You can take a taxi heading for there and the charge is around 20 yuan. It is the first hydroelectricity station in the River. Its entrance fare is 20 yuan. It is really worth your arrival. After that, you can return to Yichang city and decide to leave or stay longer. Two days trip in Yichang ends here.

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