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"Historical and Modern Wuhan"

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There are many nice sights in Wuhan city and they are the combination of the natural and historical beauty. Before you set off, please remember to take the map of Wuhan city for you. It is more convenient for your trip. You can take No. 64 or No. 34 bus to visit the Yellow Crane Tower in the morning, which is also recommended in the former itinerary specifically. In the afternoon, you can carry on your trip to the East Lake scenic spot by the No. 402 bus. The whole scenic region consists of some landscape sections, which are the Tingtao part, Moshan part, Luohong part, Luoyan part and White Horse part. The whole landscape region is free for you to visit, but if you like to enter each scenic section, you need to pay the fare. For example, the Tingtao section is 30 yuan while the Moshan part is 70 yuan.

After your trip there, you can take the No. 413 bus proceeding to the Wuhan University. You will get off the bus at Guangba Road and walk for 490 meters or so, and then you can reach the university. Before you entering the university, you can have meal outside. If you go there in the middle of March, you can enjoy amazing cherry blossom show in the university. It will be very romantic. At that time, the entrance fare for the show is 10 yuan in the university. As for the accommodation, you can find a suitable guest house outside of the university. Generally, the room rate is around 80 yuan per night. Many restaurants are located around the university and you can have meals there.

The second day, please take the No. 402 bus to go for the Wuhan arboretum, which is containing various plants and trees. You can visit there at any time all the year round. Its entrance fare is 20 yuan. Take the No. 42 bus with the air conditioner heading for Hubei Museum. It is a place that you can enjoy its cultural relics with history. Its entrance fare is 30 yuan. Your third destination is the Museum of Wuchang Uprising of 1911 Revolution. The No. 10 bus can transfer you proceeding there. Its entrance fare is 20 yuan. After this day's trip, you can find a place in the downtown city for the overnight.

The third day, you can take a soft seat train 2161 0933/1052 to head for the Red Cliff (Chibi), which had been the ancient battlefield in the Three Kingdoms Period (220~265 A.D.). Please do prepare adequate food and water with you. After you arrive at the Red Cliff city, you can take the bus towards its western bus station and the taxi fare is around 12 yuan. Then, you can take the minibus proceeding to Red Cliff (Chibi )Town from there. You just need to tell the conductor that you would like to get off at the Old Battlefield (Gu Zhanchang). The Red Cliff is the most complete battleground preserved from the ancient days in China. The well-known campaign "the War of Red Cliff" happened here in the Three Kingdoms Period. There you can visit the ancient site of this campaign. Its entrance fee is 40 yuan and you can appreciate the track of the history. After your trip there, you can return to the Chibi city for staying an overnight.

If you have interest in enjoying the natural beauty, you can have such a wonderful day in the fourth morning, if time permits, you are advised to take the No. 4 bus to go to the next landscape - Lushui scenic spot. It is a wonderful place embellished by the lake and the small islands around. You can take a boat in the lake and appreciate the natural beauty there. Its entrance fare is 1000 yuan excluding the boating fare of 15 yuan. After having fun there, you can return to the Chibi city and leave on your schedule.

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