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"Fresh Journey in Enshi"

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Enshi city is the original place of Ba culture. (Ba is an ancient state in the eastern part of what is now Sichuan Province). If you have a chance to visit there, you cannot miss the interesting local dancing performance of Tujia nationality. For the safety, you can take the flight from Wuhan or Yichang heading to the Enshi city. After you arrive at the Enshi airport, you can take a taxi carrying on to its downtown passenger bus station with just 10 yuan's taxi fare. Upon arriving there, please find a place to settle everything down first, and the hotel recommended is the Qingjing hotel old building (Address: No. 4 in Wuyang Avenue, Enshi; Tel: 0718-8246240 ). Its room rate of the standard twin room is 70 yuan pre room per night. If time permits, you can take a taxi to the Tusi town, which is 1.5 kilometers away from the hotel. The taxi fare is around 5 yuan. Tusi town (Tusi is the system of appointing national minority hereditary headmen in the Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties). There are located the traditional residence of Tujia, Miao and Dong minorities. The whole area consists of three parts: the national culture part, the religious section and the amusement region. You shouldn't miss the Jiujingtang hall. The entrance fare for the scenic area is 20 yuan. Then, return back to your hotel and stay for an overnight.

The second day, you are advised to get up around 07:00 and take a bus at the bus station proceeding to a fascinating place - Qing Jiang Chuangjiang landscape spot. The main activity there is drifting. The fare is 160 yuan. Considering the water level, it is best for you to go there in the duration of April and October. It has been appreciated as the No.1 drifting in China. The whole drifting journey is 38.5 kilometers, so it will lasts nearly 5 hours. Not only can you feel the exciting and shocking experience, but also you will enjoy the wonderful typical Tujia minority feature along the drifting. If you still like to visit some sights, you can visit the Lianzhu Tower after returning to the Enshi city. It is the landmark of this city. Its height is 40 meters and there is the hanging stair in the tower. The entrance fare is 10 yuan. You can go strictly towards the top of the tower and have a bird's view of the whole city. You can imagine what the spectacular view will be.

The third day, if time allows, you can take a taxi to visit the Wenchang ancestral temple. There suited the typical buildings of Qing Dynasty (1636~1912). Finally, leave Enshi city on your plan.

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