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"Enshi Spectacular Trip"

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The first day, you are advised to start your journey from the Aviation Road Passenger Station in Enshi (Address: No. 163, Aviation Road, Enshi city; Tel: 0718-8224610). There you can take the regular bus heading for Lichuan city. This bus is available every 25 minutes and the last one starts at 18:00 every day. The bus charge is 25 yuan while the transferring duration is totally 2 hours. You can take some food and water along with you before you start the transfer. The terminal is the North Gate Passenger Station of Lichuan. 

After your arrival, you can change the coach delivering to Moudao Town where lies the Teng Dragon Cave. This cave is 6 kilometers away from Lichuan city. It is said to be the largest limestone cave and is wide 52.5 kilometers. It consists of the drought cave and the water cave. The drought cave is length in 52 kilometers, width in 64 meters and height in 74 meters. Thus, it becomes the No. 1 drought cave in Asia. The water cave collects water from the river and forms the waterfall. You will have a memorable trip there. Its entrance fare is 180 yuan, which includes the Laser Light Show at 14:30 and the Dancing and Singing Performance at 15:50. This scenic spot really deserves your arrival. Return back to Lichuan city and find a rest house for the overnight. You can stay at the International hotel, Lichuan and its room rate is 198.00 yuan per night including the breakfast. You can also go to the Cate Street to taste the local flavor.

The second day, take a regular bus heading to Moudao town form Lichuan bus station. The bus fare is 8 yuan. Your next aim is the Yumu Zhai (Village). Since there are only two buses a day heading to Yumu Zhai and the road will be very rugged, you are advised to be prepared in advance. After you arrive in the town, you can rent a car with 150 yuan and ask the driver as your local guide by the way. It will be much convenient for you to transfer the unpleasant road and visit the sights. The terrain there is strategically situated and difficult to access. It is just the ancient old town of the Tusi and considered as the cultural center of the Tu minority. The old buildings and Zhandao are well-preserved. (Zhandao is a plank roadway built along perpendicular rock-faces by means of wooden brackets filled into the cliff) Its entrance fare is 20 yuan.

Then, go back to Moudao town and you are recommended to see the No. 1 metasequoia with more than 600 years under the sun. Its height is 35 meters. After passing the wind and rain, it stands still up till now. Do not to take a photo with the tree as a memento. Then return to Lichuan city and leave it on your own.

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