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Traveling through different countries by train not only happens in Europe; it is also avaliable between  China and neighbouring countries. It is cheaper than by air, so it is often a good choice. In addition, passengers can enjoy the beautiful scenery on the way, especially when traversing Eurasia.


K 03: Beijing → Ulan-Bator → Moscow K 04: Moscow → Ulan-Bator → Beijing
K 19: Beijing → Manzhouli → Moscow K 20: Moscow → Manzhouli → Beijing
K 23: Beijing → Erlian → Ulan-Bator K 24: Ulan-Bator → Erlian → Beijing
K 27: Beijing → Shenyang → Pyongyang K 28: Pyongyan → Shenyang → Beijing
T 5: Beijing West → Nanning → Hanoi T 6: Hanoi → Nanning → Beijing West
T 7801: Nanning → Hanoi T 7802: Hanoi → Nanning
K 7023: Harbin East → Vladivostok / Khabarovsk K 7024: Vladivostok / Khabarovsk → Harbin East
4652/4653: Hohhot → Erlian → Ulan-Bator 4651/4654: Ulan-Bator → Erlian → Hohhot
K 9795: Urumqi → Alashankou → Alma-Ata K 9796: Alma-Ata → Alashankou → Urumqi
K 9797: Urumqi → Alashankou → Astana K 9798: Astana → Alashankou → Urumqi

 See detailed International Train Schedule.

 Ticket Booking: 
Tickets for international trains departing from Beijing can be booked through some qualified travel agencies. Chinatour360.com provides a China International train ticket booking service. Other tickets can be purchased at the departure station. The tickets are available one month before the scheduled departure time.

 Required Documents:
Your valid passport and visa to the destination countries are required when booking the tickets.

 Changing Tickets: 
 If your travel plan changes, you can have your ticket changed up until 6 hours prior to the departure time. The changed boarding time should be within the ticket's validity. A ticket can only be changed once.
 If you are not able to finish the trip within the valid period, you can apply for an extension for your ticket. A ticket can be extended no more than twice and, each time, no more than two months.

 Cancelling an Ticket:
1. 20% of the ticket price is charged if a ticket is cancelled up until 72 hours prior to the departure time.
2. 80% of the sleeper ticket price is charged if you cancel or change the ticket less than 72 hours before departure.
3. It cannot be cancelled or changed 3 hours after the scheduled departure time or the passenger's luggage has been consigned. 

Luggage Allowance
Overweight and oversize goods are not allowed to be taken on the carriage, and should be consigned; dangerous and contaminated items are forbidden. See more luggage allowance on international trains

Facilities and Services
 There are multilingual translators.
 Meals are available in the dinning car; passengers can also alight to buy food at a stopover stations.
 Chinese Yuan can be used within China; US Dollars are acceptable out of China.

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  • Hello I want to book the Harbin to Khabarovsk K7023 train, how do I do this?
    The website will only book to the chinese boarder

    Asked By Nathan (Australia) | Feb. 01, 2013 21:00
    2 AnswersAnswer Question
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