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Terms and Conditions for International Train Ticket Booking:

Thank you for using Chinatour360 train booking service. Please read through the following booking terms and conditions carefully. These are in place to protect you, our distinguished guidest, and Chinatour360, in regards to your train tickets booking.


  1. Please make sure the passengers' information you offer is exactly the same as what appears on their passports.
  2. Clear passport copy and visa copy for all passengers are required to issue the international tickets out of Beijing.
  3. The passports used for boarding the train should be the same ones used for booking.
  4. We promise to try our best to obtain your tickets at the earliest possible time, but since the availability and selling date of train tickets are under the control of the China Railway Corporation, we cannot 100% guarantee your preferred ones. In case of a problem, we will offer backup options for you.


  1. Total price = ticket par value +service charge +delivery charge.
  2. Our quotation is based on the updated exchange rate between US Dollar and CN Yuan, which is USD1.00 equates to CNY7.10.


  1. Full payment for all tickets is required prior to the issue of the tickets.
  2. We accept payment by PayPal, Credit Card, Western Union, Alipay and WeChat. The handling charge is your responsibility.
  3. Full payment is 100% refundable if we fail to issue the required tickets as per your 1st choice or your suggested alternatives.

Changes & Cancellation

  1. FREE change & cancellation before ticket is issued.
  2. For a change made before the ticket is delivered, 10% of the ticket par value will be charged as a change fee. Once the ticket is changed, no further change or cancellation is allowed.
  3. The cancellation fee is 30% of the ticket par value, and the service fee is non-refundable.
  4. The change & cancellation request should be sent to us via email 6 days prior to departure date.
  5. After the ticket is delivered, no change or cancellation can be made.
  6. The above Change & Cancellation policies do not apply to the international train to Nanjing/ Hanoi and the Vietnam trains. For tickets of Nanning/ Hanoi and the Vietnam trains, all changes & cancellation are subject to the policy of the local office of China Railway Cooperator and Vietnam Railway. We will check the details upon request.


  1. Chinatour360 is not responsible for failed delivery caused by incorrect address, receiver's name, or unconfirmed hotel reservation provided by purchasers/passengers, or rejection by the receiver.
  2. Chinatour360 will try our best to keep you updated, but we are not responsible for any train schedule changes, cancellation or delay due to emergencies or extreme weather conditions.

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