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"Holy Travel to Dege"

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Dege is situated at the southeast of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, northeast of the Ganzi Autonomous Prefecture of Sichuan Province, along the 317 National Way, 588 kilometers from Kangding and 940 kilometers from the capital city - Chengdu. With the total area of 12,000 square kilometers, mainly dwelled the Tibetans and some other minorities, thus it is so-called multi-nationality region. Dege means "Four virtues and ten beauties place" in Tibetan language, and has the fame as Lhasa in Tibet and Xiahe in Gansu, and becomes one of the three ancient popular Tibetan culture and civilization centers. With the profound culture, mysterious legend, this holy land is among the list of the most attractive 50 places one must to visit during one's life time. In this holy land, there are the famous Dege Yinjing Yuan ( Dege Sutra Publishing House) with the abundant precious masterpieces; the famous A'xu Grassland, where the great King-Ge' Sa'er was born and the longest epic "The legend of Ge' Saer" was written; Dege Tibetan Hospital, which is said to be the representative of the birthplace of the South Tibetan Medicine; the Tibetan Buddhism which contains five big religious sect.

Besides its centuries-old culture and Tibetan Buddhism history, the natural scenery there are also breathtaking. Countless beautiful sites like the dazzling star dots this holy land with the passage of time, such as the majestic Shaluli Mountain ranges; dozens of grand and outstanding valley glaciers; the clear and bright lakes flowing through the mountains; the fertile lands and pastures bred by Jingsha River, Yalong River …, ect, which are all the ideal places for you to visit.

The first day, take the regular coach in Kangding coach station (Tel: 0836-2822211) to Daofu, which is 216 kilometers from Kangding. It will take about four hours to arrive in Daofu County. Upon your arrival, take a minibus to Xian'shui Town to visit the Lingque Temple - the famous Gelu Sect of Tibetan Buddhism. The admission fee is RMB10.00. After the short stay there, take a regular bus to Luhuo. Upon your arrival in Luhuo, stay in the local hostel overnight. You can stay in the Kangbei Hotel (Tel: 0836-7322332), the cost is RMB80.00 per room per night.

The second day, take the regular coach to Ganzi,106 kilometers apart, in Luhuo Coach Station with about 2.5 hours drive on 317 National Way. Walk or take a taxi to Ganzi temple once you arrive at the bus station. It will take you about 30 minutes by walk to Ganzi Temple, or RMB20.00 if you take a taxi. Ganzi Temple belongs to the Gelu Sect and its architectural style is the combination with Han and Tibetan style. There are numerous old-styled firelock and knife with the Tibetan style in Hufa Hall. The admission fee is RMB10.00 net. Then take the coach to Ma'niganga, and then take a passing-by bus with the cost of RMB3.00 - 5.00 to Xinluhai or rent a minibus with the cost of RMB50.00 - 60.00 to the Xinluhai - 7 or 8 kilometers from Ma'niganga, which just located at the foot of the Que'er Moutain, Dege County. Xinluhai is a well-preserved original Glacial Erosion Lake and the most famous one in Ganzi Region. Composed of large-scaled glaciers, lakes and forest meadows, the scenery there is appealing. The admission fee there is RMB30.00. After your time spending in Xinluhai, stay in the local highly recommended hostel - Que'er Shan Hostel (Tel: 0836-8222167) with the cost of RMB40.00 per night for the standard twin room.

The third day, walk about 5 minutes from Que'er Shan Hostel, you will arrive in the famous Dege Yinjing Yuan ( Dege Sutra Publishing House). The admission fee is RMB25.00. Spend your time in this famous place and feel its solemn religious atmosphere. Also, have a visit to its natural beauties if time permitting. You can stay in Dege or return Chengdu via Kangding after your visit. (Tips: First, there is a sharp difference of the temperature during daytime and nighttime, you are suggested to bring warm clothes; Second, Smoking and taking photo are forbidden within the temple, you are advised to know some rules before your visit there.)

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