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"Mysterious Tour in Tibet"

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Arrive in Chengdu, the capital city of Sichuan Province. Get ready for the long trip on the next day. Stay at the local hotel.

Chengdu - Luding - Danba

Drive from Chengdu in the morning, pass Ya'an, Tianquan, the tunnel of Mt. Erlangshan, Gangudi, Luding, Guzan, Suopo and finally arrive in Danba county. On the way, you can take a visit to the viewing platform of Minya Konka. If time permits, you can also take some pictures at the viewing platform of the ancient towers in Suopo. The whole trip today is about 380km. Stay at the local hotel.

Danba - Tagong - Xinduqiao

Visit Jiaju Tibetan Village, then proceed to Bamei. You can enjoy the landscape of snow mountain, Donggu natural bonsai and the grassland enroute. Continue to visit the memorial tower which was built by pure gold and to monumentalize Bainqen Erdeni, and the famous Tagong Temple. Shoot more pictures of the natural forest including golden birch and poplar at Xinduqiao where is the paradise for photographers. Stay overnight at the local folk house.

Xinduqiao - Yajiang - Litang - Daocheng

Get up early to enjoy the charming paradise for photographers in the morning. Xinduqiao is honored of “the world of light and shadow”. All the scenery and sites there are the best theme for photography. Today, in order to reach Daocheng, you will cross the Gaoersi Mountain (4412m), pass the riverside of Yalong River, Yajiang county, Jianziwan Mountain (4659m), Kazila Mountain (4718m), Litang county which is called the pearl on the tableland (4000m above the sea level), view the beautiful landscape of Maoya Grassland, go through the Wuliang River and the Rabbit Mountain and visit the Haizishan Natural Reserve, which is the largest ancient glacier site on the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau. In the evening, you can experience the local non-sulfur hot spring. Stay overnight at the local fold house.

Daocheng - Riwa - Yading

Drive from Daocheng to the fascinating Yading Natural Reserve (3700m above the sea level). It takes about 3 hours to the Longlong Dam in the reserve. You can ride a horse onto the mountain to arrive at Chonggu Temple directly and then continue to worship the holy lake Zhuomalacuo (the pearl lake). Stay at the local folk house.

Yading - Riwa - Daocheng

Walk to pilgrimage the Xiannairi holy Mountain (6023m above the sea level), overlook the Xianuoduoji Mountain (5958m above the sea level) and the Yangmaiyong Mountain (5958m above the sea level). Enjoy the natural landscape by watching the wild animals, flowers, snow mountain, forest, glacier, lake and river. Go back to the entrance of the natural reserve and drive back to Daocheng in the late afternoon. Stay overnight at the local folk hourse.

Daocheng - Litang - Yajiang - Xinduqiao

Transfer to Sangdui town where you can take picture of the red grassland of Daocheng. Then cross the Haizi Mountain, Litang, Yajiang county and finally reach Xinduqiao. It is about 360km for the trip today. Stay overnight at the local folk house.

Xinduqiao - Kangding - Luding - Mt. Erlangshan - Ya'an - Chengdu

Pass the Zheduo Mountain, Luding Bridge and Kangding town, go through the tunnel (4176m) of Mt. Erlangshan (3437m above the sea level) which is the highest and deepest road in China along the Canyon of Dadu River and arrive in Ya'an. Then you can drive on the highway to be back to Chengdu. The whole trip today is more than 400km.


Leave from Chengdu. Your pleasant tour ends here.

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