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"Holy Trip to Suining"

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Guangde Temple, with the reputation as "The first Zen-Temple in Xilai", named Guanglichan Temple originally, was built on the Wolong Mountain, and it located 3 kilometers from the west part of Suining. Built in Tang Dynasty around AD740, the temple got the current name Guangde Temple due to the bestowed title from Mingwu Emperor in Zhengde Time. Had been bestowed 11 times by the past emperors in Tang, Song, Ming Dynasties respectively, the temple became the focus among Sichuan, Yunnan, Guizhou Province, which covered near 300 mountains, and it became the Buddhist Holy Land in Southwest and got the reputation of "The First Zen-Temple in Xilai". The temple is well-known for its construction style throughout Sichuan Province. The well-preserved ancient construction complex with the style in Ming and Qing Dynasties primarily attracted lots of builders. The most renowned one is the well-preserved Kwan-yin Jade Stamp, made of pure Jade, and there is a delicate sculpture with the lion shape on the ink pad, some characters in its face, therefore it was considered to be the priceless relics after the evaluation of the expertise. Beside, the Nine Dragon Monument, Burma Jade Buddha, the Decree Lane in Ming Dynasty, etc are all rare treasures with mystery.


Travel Tips:

You can take the regular bus in Shiling South Bus Station in Chengdu to Suining, the bus is available every 30 to 40 minutes with the cost of RMB65.00 net or so with about 2 hours' drive. Or you can take the train N768 1100/1432 to go there, while the hard seat train charge is cheaper, which is only RMB29.00 net. Upon your arrival in Suining, you can go to the Guangde Temple by taxi, since the starting price is RMB3.00 net only. The alternative is that you can also take the minibus to get there. The next destination for your one day excursion is another famous temple named Lingquan Temple, which located in on the Lingquan Mountain in the east part of Suining. Take a taxi or minibus can all lead you there.

Lingquan Temple was built on the Lingquan mountain facing to Pei River. There are five peaks in the Lingquan Mountain, namely, the middle peak - Guanyin peak, East Peak- Qinglong Mouth, West Peak - Baihu Zui and South Peak- Muyu Slope, and all of these peaks stands in a lotus shape from a bird's eye, that's why the mountain become a holy Buddhist land for all the Buddhists. There is a fresh green spring water with sweet taste and flows all the year round, so-called "Lingquan", then the temple just gets its name "Lingquan Temple". The through ticket for Guangde Temple and Lingquan Temple is RMB40.00 net in total. After the visit to Lingquan Temple, go back to Suining or return to Chengdu by train or coach according to your personal schedule. The recommended hotel in Suining is Mingxing Kangnian Grand Hotel, Tianyou International Hotel and Yufeng Hotel. You can also take some special local product, such as Tou-fu Gan, Pengxi Cake and Five spices beef for your family members or friends.

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