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Qinghai Lake

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  • Xining Qinghai Lake
    Xining Qinghai Lake
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    Unique Construction
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    A Statue on the Bank
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    Clean Water & Green Mountains
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    A Wooden Path
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    Beautiful Scenery
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Qinghai Lake is the largest inland salt-water lake in China with 3,200 meters (10,499 feet) above sea level. In the ancient times, the lake was called Fresh Water. In Mongolian, it is named 'Koko Nor', while Tibetans call it 'Cuowenbo' meaning the green lake. The lake looks so clear that even nine meters deep the water is visible. The name of Qinghai Lake is derived due to its clearness. Despite its salinity, the lake is teeming with fish including unique Huang Fish (the edible naked carp). 

The area of Qinghai Lake reaches up to 4,635 square kilometers (1,790 square miles). As it estimated it would take about 8 days by horse or 15 walking to circumambulate the lake, but pilgrims report it takes about 18 days on horseback, and one took 23 days walking to complete the circuit. A nomad described the size of the island by saying that: 'if in the morning a goat starts to browse the grass around it clockwise and its kid anti-clockwise, they will meet only in the night, which shows how big the island is'.

There are five isles in the lake, in which the most interesting one is the Bird Island. As a result of the mild climate in spring, summer and fall, most of the migratory birds such as bareheaded goose, brown-headed gull, cormorant, sea gull flock from Southeast Asia, India, Burma or South China to Qinghai Lake and breed here in late May. At that time, all coming into your eyesight is herds of birds in different colors and manners. Some are white, some yellow, and some other diversiform. Some are flying in the sky, some running on the land, others swimming in the water. Birds' eggs are seen everywhere on the land. You seem like coming into a realm of birds. The twitters of the birds sound like a melodious song, which makes sightseers intoxicated. When winter falls, those birds fly back to the south to stay away from the coldness successively. The summer scene in Qinghai Lake is repeatedly extraordinary year after year.     

Qinghai Lake is the most beautiful in summer. It is the prime time to come to Qinghai Lake in July or August. Looking from afar, you will find the clear lake, azure sky, green hills, and verdant shores blending into the integration. Fishes are leaping out of the water and birds are hovering over the lake. The wild flowers blooming in the best shape make you jubilant. In the accompaniment of melodious song, Tibetan herdsmen dressed in the striking robes ride the sturdy horses in the vast pasture at a gallop, herds of sheep are like clouds floating on the field, which makes up a poetic spectacle.

The lake is also sometimes circumambulated by pilgrims from the region. There is an island in the western part of the lake with a temple and a few hermitages called 'Mahadeva' (meaning the Heart of the Lake) which historically was home to a Buddhist monastery.

 Entrance Fee: 
CNY 100 ( Apr. 15 to Oct. 15)
CNY 50 ( Oct. 16 to Next Apr. 14)

A. There are regular trains from Xining, you can take the trains and get off at Haiyan, Gangcha, Wulan or Delingha.
B. Visitors can also take the One-Day Tour to Qinghai Lake in Xining City (about CNY 70 - 100 per person).
C. There are also coaches to the attractions of Qinghai Lake in Xining Long-distance Bus Station.

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