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"Parks and Drum Hill"

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First day: Forest Park - West Lake Park - Zuohai Park

Fuzhou National Forest Park is one of the ten biggest National Forest Parks in China and it is a 4A Grade sightseeing spot. It has more than 2500 kinds of precious trees in the world. The Long Tan Stream across through the park from North to South, along the stream, is the Cycad Garden, Palm Garden, Precious Plants Garden, Bamboo Garden and the Banyan Sight Garden. The Dry Land sledge is a very interesting fun game in this park. You can get there by taking bus 802, 945 and 947 from city center. Besides, there is a special line to the park directly in the Huarong Square. The Forest Park opens to public from 8:00 to 16:00 daily and free of charge.

West Lake Park is in the Hubin Road in the North-west area of Fuzhou city. The history of the park is more than 1700 years and it is the oldest classical Garden in Fuzhou. The area of West Lake Park is about 4 hectares and the water area is over 30 hectares, there are three islands in the lake and they are Kuaihua Yu, Xieping Yu and the Yaojiao Yu. The Dragon Boat Race is hold in West Lake in the Dragon Boat Festival every year. By the way, the Fujian Provincial Museum and the Gastronomic Exhibition Hall are both in this park. West Lake Park opens to public 24 hours and free of charge. You can take bus 1, 810 and 811 to get there.

Zuohai Park is the biggest park in Fuzhou and the area of the whole park is 51.11 hectares and the water area is 18.14 hectares. The main entertainment sites are the Altitude Bicycle, the Rip Current Adventure, the Peacock Garden and the Ocean World. You can take bus 8, 801, 805 and 807 to arrive at the front gate of the park. The park is also opens to public daily and free of charge, but the entrance fee of Ocean Park is CNY50.00 per person, the Peacock Gardens is CNY10.00 per person, the Altitude Bicycle is CNY25.00 and the Rip Current Adventure is CNY10.00 per person.

Second day: Drum Hill - Mawei Port (Horsetail Port) - Luoxing Pagoda

Drum Hill is in the East suburb of Fuzhou city and the distance is 17 kilo meters from Drum Hill to city center. You can bus No. 36, 7, 815, 812, 808, 937, 949, 957 and 960 to get there. The Main Peak of Drum Hill is 969 meters and the whole area is 48 square meters. Drum Hill is also a Buddhism Holy Hill, and the Yong Quan Temple is in this hill and its history is more than 1000 years. On the west side of Yong Quan Temple, there is a pottery-made Thousand Buddha Pagoda and on the east side of the temple, there are over 180 cliff carvings. The cable car is available at the foot of the Drum Hill and it takes you to the sightseeing platform on the mountain. The round-trip ticket is CNY50.00 per person and the one-way ticket is CNY35.00 per person. The length of the ropeway is over 1000 meters and the journey of one-way is 25 minutes. The entrance fee of Drum Hill is CNY40.00 per person and it has included the Yong Quan Temple.

After lunch, you can take the Mawei Special double-decker bus line from the Hubin Road to Mawai District. Visit the Mawai Port and the Luoxing Tower. Then back to Fuzhou by bus. You are suggested to visit the Jiang Bin Park and take a bicycle tour inside the park. At the end of the bicycle tour, it is the Jinniushan Park and you are suggested to visit this park in night since the large-scale Conduit Show and water- screen Movie were played at the 20:00 daily.

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