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Chimelong Paradise

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Guangzhou Chimelong Paradise was opened in April 2006, covering an area of one million square meters with over 70 rides and attractions. Invested and developed by Guangzhou Chimelong Group, the park has become one of the top amusement parks in Asia. Designed by Forrec, a world famous Canadian design company, the park features largest rides, shows and family interaction as iconic attractions. Most of the rides are imported from overseas, just to name a few, Dive Coaster, Ten Inversion Roller Coaster, Motorbike Launch Coaster, Giant Frisbee, Half Pipe, and Splash Battle. 

In addition to the spectacular rides, Chimelong Paradise features the world famous Hollywood water stunt show and the amazing indoor Kids' Land with 40 children rides under one roof. 

 Screaming Zone - Scream as loud as you want 
This is a collection of the most challenging roller coasters in the world. You can scream as loud as you want. Such rides including the world's highest diving coaster, the world's biggest Frisbee, the Guinness World Record winner 10 Inversion Roller Coaster, the award winning Motorbike Launch Coaster, and the only Half Pipe in Asia. 

Diving Coaster: This Diving Coaster is the King of roller coasters. With over 80 meters in height and over 1,000 meters in length, this is the tallest diving coaster in the world; with a top speed of 120 km (74.6 miles)/hour, and almost 90 degree vertical diving experience, this is the world's best diving coaster ever. 

10 Inversion Roller Coaster: This only 10 inversion roller coaster in Asia is over 850 meters (929.6 yards) long, and a Guinness Record holder for its 10 loops. 

Giant Frisbee: Chimelong Paradise presents you the world's biggest Frisbee - the Giant Frisbee. Hanging on the 26 meter (85 feet) high tower, this Giant Frisbee can go as fast as 110 kilometers (68.4 miles) per hour, and swing up to the maximum elevation of 120°. 

Motorbike Launch Coaster: This is the first motorbike launch coaster in Asia, reaching speed of 80 km (50 miles)/hour in just 2.8 seconds. 

Half Pipe: This is the first half pipe ride in Asia, which is over 30 meters (98 feet) high. It's called the perfect combination of roller coaster and bungee jump. 

Family Gravity Coaster: This lovely mini coaster for families brings you and your kids the ultimate happiness. 

 A Paradise for the Whole Family 
Happy Kingdom has over 40 different rides and attractions specially made for children. Including the largest indoor children's amusement center in China, also featuring is the amazing Double-Decker Carousel. This is the best place for parents to enjoy quality time with their children. 

Kids' Land: The Kids' Land is China's largest indoor amusement center just for young children, with over 20 different rides and attractions. 

Double-Decker Carousel: China's biggest and most luxurious double-decker carousel enables you to chase your childhood dreams. 

Samba Balloon: This ride gives visitors a wonderful balloon trip up into the air. 

Ball Shooting: Inside this huge multi-level battlefield you can shoot bubbles at your 'enemies' and support your team members. 

 Collection of the world's best attractions 
Chimelong Paradise presents you 4 great attractions including the world's largest water stunt show Danger Island, the best 4D Theater in Asia, an American lumberjack show, and China's largest parade. 

Danger Island in Action Arena: The world's largest water stunt show Danger Island is staged by the best stunt show directors and starring professional stuntmen. With explosions, gun fights, fireworks, jet skis, high dives, motor vehicles performances, and an amazing sound system. It's a show of the life time which you can not miss. 

4D Theater: Dino Raider is a very exciting film, which is shown at this Asian's Largest and most advanced 4D Theater. Chimelong paradise also features Marvin the Martian, a Warner Brothers classic cartoon for children in this 4D Theater. 

Lumberjack Show: The Lumberjack show is one of the most popular live performances in the US. The professional performers demonstrate some of their skills by sawing, throwing axes, wood carving, log rolling, and s peed climbing. 

Chimelong Parade: Chimelong Parade is the largest of its kind in China, with many different themes and performances.  

Amazing fireworks (The show time will be announced in the park) An amazing display of fireworks is presented by Chimelong Paradise to end your day perfectly!

 Entrance Fee: 
CNY 180 (adults; kids under 1.2 m are free of charge)
CNY 90 (kids between 1.2 - 1.5 m)
Family Package Tickets: CNY 400 (two adults and a kid between 1.2 - 1.5 m)

A. Bus Routes: Take Bus No. 301, 303, 305 or 562 and get off at Changlong stop. 
B. Subway Line: Take Subway Line 3 and get off at Hanxi Changlong station and take the free shuttle bus to Chimelong Paradise.

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Questions & Answers on Chimelong Paradise
  • “annual ticket: RMB 680, with which you may visit four theme parks.”

    My questions are:

    1. Which four parks I may visit?

    2. Would it include all rides within this price or do I have to pay for the different rides separately?

    3. What’s the expiry date of the card?


    Asked By Ahmad (China) | Jul. 24, 2019 10:03
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  • We are planning to visit Chimelong Paradise Resort. What is the best route from CAN?

    Asked By UDAY SHAH (India) | Mar. 07, 2016 01:31
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  • Can you tell me the easiest way to go to Chimelong from HKIA, we are 2Adults and 2 Kids...And how long that journey?Thank you very much..

    Asked By Yongki (Indonesia) | Aug. 04, 2013 04:05
    2 AnswersAnswer Question
  • Asked By Pmohamed (Algeria) | Apr. 07, 2012 01:29
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  • Can i check the frequency bus129 from chimelong to hanxi station? if by taxi to hanxi station, how much?

    Asked By FANNY (MALAYSIA) | Mar. 11, 2012 17:18
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