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Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport

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  • Baiyun International Airport
    Baiyun International Airport

Initially built in 1930s, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is one of 'the three biggest aviation hubs in China'. Newly put into use On August 5th, 2004, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport covers an area of 15 square kilometers (5.8 square miles). The 320,000-square-meter (382,716.8 square yards) terminal building is able to handle 25 million passengers annually. Now, it has 33 partner airlines, and has opened more than 110 air routes to over 100 cities at home and abroad. See Guangzhou Flight Schedules

Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport has become one of the smartest airports in the world thanks to the intellectualized management system. The lighting system in the terminal building can adjust the intensity of the lights automatically according to the number of passengers in the building. The air conditioning system can also change the temperature automatically. In addition, the airport has adopted the most advanced automatic luggage sorting system which can handle 10,000 pieces of luggage per minute. It takes only 4 minutes from sorting to sending to the transport carts. Thus, the time for passengers to transfer has been largely shortened, for the system will transfer the luggage to the next flight automatically and passengers only need to handle their own transfer procedures. The first 'Luggage Reconfirm System' in China is also here. If passengers can not board for any reason, the system will indicated the location of their luggage within 5 minutes.

 Departure, Boarding, and Transfer Procedures
 Domestic Departure: Baggage Delivery → Getting Boarding Card → Security Checks → Waiting → Boarding

 International Departure: Baggage Delivery and Getting Boarding Card → Inspection and Quarantine → Customs → Immigration → Security Checks → Waiting and Boarding.
(Note: During the Immigration Process, foreign passengers must show their valid passports, visas, and Exit Registration Cards, and should leave the country within the valid period of their visas; Chinese passengers including those from Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan Special Regions, should show valid passports, visas, Exist Registration Cards and credentials for going abroad issued by the administrations)

 Domestic Arrival: Flight Arrival → Baggage Reclaiming → Leaving the Airport

 International Arrival: Flight Arrival → Health Declaration → Immigration → Baggage Reclaiming → Customs → Inspection and Quarantine → Leaving the Airport

 Domestic to Domestic Transfer: Arrival → Transfer Procedures → Boarding

 Domestic to International Transfer: Arrival → Baggage Reclaiming → Inspection and Quarantine → Customs → Check-In → Immigration → Security Checks → Boarding

 International to International Transfer: Arrival → Transfer Procedures → Boarding

 International to Domestic Transfer: Arrival → Health Declaration → Immigration Checks → Baggage Reclaiming → Inspection, Customs and Quarantine → Transfer Procedures → Security Checks → Boarding.

 Ticket Counters
 Domestic Ticket Counters: (service number: +86 20 86130088)
1. Southwest Counter (West 1 Counter): the left side of Exit No.3 in the departure hall on the third floor of the terminal building
2. Northwest Counter (West 2 Counter): the left side of Exit No.15 in the departure hall on the third floor of the terminal building.
3. Northeast Counter (East 2 Counter): the left side of Exit No.11 in the departure hall on the third floor of the terminal building.
4. Island N Counter: Counter 11 of Island N opposite to the Exit No.16 in the departure hall on the third floor of the terminal building.
5. East Arrival Counter: the left side of Exit No.5 in the International Arrival Hall of Section A on the first floor of the terminal building.
6. Counter of ticket picking-up for companies with arrangement agreement: Counter 10 of Island N opposite to the Exit No. 16 in the departure hall on the third floor of the terminal building. 

 International Ticket Counter: (service number: +86 20 86130099)
Southeast Counter (East 1 Counter): the right side of the Exit No.6 in the departure hall on the third floor of the terminal building.
(There are ticket service counters at the Exit No.3, 6, and 15 of the departure hall, the counter 11 and 12 of Island N, Island S, and the arrival hall.)

 Other Services
 Enquiry Counter: information of flights and boarding procedures.
Location: beside Exit No.1 of departure hall on the third floor of the terminal building.
Opening Hours: 6:00-20:00
Inquiring Number: +86 20 36066946

 Luggage Service: Luggage checking and storage.
Oversize Luggage Checking Offices: near the Exit No.1, 9, and 16 of departure hall on the third floor of terminal building.
Luggage Storage Rooms:
Locations: Exit No.1 in the Domestic Luggage Hall, Exit No.8 in the International Departure Hall, Section B of Domestic Arriral Hall (2), International Arrival Hall (2).
Service Hours: 6:00-22:00
Service Number: +86 20 36066859
Luggage Packing
Location: left side of Exit No.2 in departure hall, left side of Exit No.3 in departure hall, near the Oversize Luggage Checking Office in the east of the third floor in the terminal building, left side of Exit No.11 in departure hall, right side of Exit No.14 in departure hall, and west of the departure hall.

 Lost and Found Counter
Location: beside Exit No.1 of the departure hall on the third floor of the terminal building.
Opening Hours: 6:00-20:00
Service Number: +86 20 36066946

 Useful Numbers
Flights Enquiry: +86 20 36066999.
Enquiry Number: +86 20 86137273.
First-aid Station in the Terminal Building: +86 20 36062664, 86122926.
Luggage Storage Room: +86 20 36066854.
Luggage Enquiry: +86 20 36066763 (domestic)
+86 20 36066790 (international).

 Airport Express & Shuttle Buses: There are five express bus lines and and six shuttle bus lines connecting the airport with downtown Guangzhou and the other cities in the Pearl River Delta.

 Airport Intercity Buses: Long-distance buses from Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport can take passengers to many other cities in the Pearl River Delta, inclduing Shenzhen, Zhongshan, Dongguan, Jiangmen, Zhaoqing, Foshan and Shantou.

 If you want to rent a car to visit Dongguan, you can buy the tickets at Exit No.7 of Section A and Exit No.10 of Section B in the Arrival Hall.

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  • I have paid a travel agent in china to arrange travel for a Philippine girl to come to Canada. She was detained by customs for not declaring a gold trinket . in order to have her released they ask for 15000usd . I don't believe this is true and think I have been scammed by travel agent or her or both I have asked for proof of detainment but have not received I would like to contact customs but cant find a email address or phone number please any help I would like to resolve this

    Asked By Dan (Canada) | Aug. 12, 2018 07:43
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  • Hello! I have planned a visa-free transit 72 hours to Guangzhou. Where is the immigration office so I can get permission after arriving at the international airport on a flight from China's southern airlines?

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  • Asked By James Wong (USA) | Oct. 11, 2016 08:34
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  • Hi may know how much is the rate for luggage storage ? And the packaging service ? We were thinking leaving our luggage at the airport for more than 8 hours. so it would be helpful is someone know the rate there as we can calculate our budget . thanks

    Asked By Syah (Malaysia) | Aug. 14, 2016 22:39
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