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"Intoxicated Baoding Impression"

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Take train from Beijing to Baoding first. There are many trains available everyday, and we only offer some train schedule for your reference, they are D565 0929 1027; D123 0947/1045; D527 1641/1739, the fist class seat ticket charge is CNY55.00 per person and the ticket charge for the second class seat is CNY46.00 net. When you arrive in Baoding, we suggest you find a hotel to leave your luggage and have a short break. Then you may visit the Superior Governor Bureau Museum of Baoding, which used to be the official building of the highest military administration senior official in Qing Dynasty, it is also the best-preserved provincial official building of Qing Dynasty in China. In 1990, this site was listed as the Country Cultural Relic Preservation Organ and was opened to public as a museum. After finishing your visit here, take a taxi to city center to visit the Ancient Lotus Pond. It was first built in Yuan Dynasty and now it is one of the ten famous gardens in China. This garden has collected the Chinese north and south historic building botanical garden style essence and the sceneries were all set surrounded by water, the most famous scenery here is the pretty water lily, and it also gained the reputation as the "the City of Penglai Island". If your time is still sufficient, you also can go to visit the DaCi Ge, which was first built in 1227 and the original name was Zhenjue Buddhism Temple. Stay overnight at Baoding City.

In the second day, check out from the hotel and take bus No. 10 to visit the Han Tombs of Mancheng, you may get off at the crossing of site, and then walk for about 150 meters to get to the destination. This site is the national key-preserved cultural relic organ, and it is the largest and the best-preserved caved palace in China's history. The world famous Jade clothing sewn with gold thread and Changxin Lamp was excavated here. The restored jade burial suit fully reveals the consummate skill of the labouring people of ancient China. These cultural relics were all displayed at different countries in Europe, America and Asia and gained very high reputation. The government also devotes large amount energy and money to develop this site to a comprehensive scenic spot area. And due to its advantageous geography and natural environment, here is also the national training center of gliding parachute.

After visiting the Han Tombs, you may charter a taxi or a minibus to visit the Mt. Baishishan scenic spot (it is also called White Stone Mountain). Which is a national geological park with original and not been destroyed natural scenery. We suggest you find a tour guide to lead you to avoid getting loss, and this site may cost you at least 5 hours and please keep enough energy for this. Stay overnight at Laiyuan County.

In the third day, charter a taxi or a minibus to visit the Heavenly Grassland. This grassland is very beautiful and people always have an illusion that it is in the heaven, so, it is called heavenly grassland, the local call it Kongzhong Grassland. The best seasons are summer and autumn when the wild flowers blossom everywhere. There also exist an ice cave with ten thousands years, and you can see the thick ice even in the dog days.

Once finish your travel, you may turn back to Laiyuan County and catch train back to Beijing. The train is 6096 1607/2203, the ticket charge is CNY15.00 for hard seat and CNY26.00 for the soft seat.

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