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Hello Maggie,

We had a fantastic trip and Harrison, our guide, was excellent! We really enjoyed the stay in Beijing and our guide in Shanghai met us promptly at the airport and facilitated an easy and smooth transfer. We really enjoyed the stay in Beijing and our guide in Shanghai met us promptly at the airport and facilitated an easy and smooth transfer to our hotel. We will certainly use your company again if we ever plan to visit that side of the world again, and will recommend you to family and friends interested in visiting.

All my best,

  • Name: Ms. Zewelanji Serpell (a group of 7 members)
  • From: Zambia
  • E-mail:|zewe.serpell
  • ltinerary: 5 Days Standard of Beijing/ Shanghai
  • Date: 8/18/2014
Dear Wendy and Kelly,

I would like to express my sincere THANK YOU for a wonderful experience my 3 friends and I have in our visit to Beijing, Xian and Shanghai. We were a small group of very nice people.

Your services were outstanding, since the beginning exchanging plans and details by email through all the 8 day tour. Our guides always joyful, and knowledgeable. In special Lily in Xian was fantastic, extremely caring and providing us awesome information about people, families and their living style.

The Great Wall and Xian were the highlights of the trip, but each other place visited enriched our experience as well as the several great lunch, dinner, theatre and dance and musical show included. Hotels were of a very good standard. We experience some family style visits and food that was of great quality and variety.

A magical trip indeed! And we'll certainly recommend you 100% !!!

Ana Maria Mideros

Peru 4 friends
  • Name: Ms. ANA MARIA MIDEROS GADEA (a group of 4 members)
  • From: Peru
  • ltinerary: 8 Days Small Group of Beijing - Xian - Shanghai
  • Date: 8/11/2014
Dear Maggie,

Thanks your email. Sorry for not coming back earlier for comments but since returning back to Mauritius there was a backload of work for me to clear.

Actually, we have had a pleasurable and memorable trip.

The guides we got in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing were very helpful, well versed in the history and culture of the different cities. They were always on time which I have greatly appreciated since this shows their seriousness. The drivers were really cool and calm even when they are stuck in traffic jams, specially in Beijing.

The hotels in Shanghai, Guangzhou and Beijing were great. However, it's only in Shanghai, that Eileen, our guide, gave us a map of Shanghai in English. So, it was easy for us for move around. Both in Guangzhou and Beijing, we could not get a map in English. Maybe if you could provide visitors with a map of the city or a taxi book. I have got one for Ningbo which is excellent in English; it would have been easier for us to move around. The main problem my family encountered was the fact that people in China be it in shops or restaurants cannot understand how come that we look like Chinese (actually we are overseas Chinese, my grand-parents are from Meixian) but cannot read or speak Chinese!!!!!! Fortunately my wife can speak mandarin and is fluent in Hakka but she cannot really read Chinese.

The different lunches offered were excellent and tasty. Eileen and Candy were a great help when coming to make a choice since in some restaurants the menus are only in Chinese and even if there are photos, it's sometimes difficult to guess what's in the dish. The buffet in Guangzhou was really amazing.

The visits are fine. However, the 1st and 2nd day in Beijing were really exhausting for us so much walking. It was very hot and crowd. Maybe in summer, a whole day visit is too much, a half-day would be more suitable, especially for middle/old aged tourists. Or a visit to Tiananmen/Forbidden City in the morning and after lunch another place where it's calmer. We were so exhausted that on the 3rd day we have cancelled the Lama Temple. We have preferred it to staying in the shopping mall where we had our lunch, strolling around where at least we have got air-conditioning. Then we went on the Hutong where we were driven on a long way in rickshaws!!!!!!

On the whole, I can say that our trip was very pleasant and memorable. If ever, we intend visiting China again, (will have to start my Chinese lessons first!!!!) no need to say we will again book through your Company and already we are recommending your services to our friends and relatives.

Thank you for everything.


K C S Kong Thoo Lin
  • Name: Mr. KON LIN, Ms. YAM LIN & Mr. DAMIEN LIN
  • From: Mauritius
  • E-mail:|kcs.kong
  • ltinerary: 10 Days Standard Visit of Shanghai - Guangzhou - Beijing
  • Date: 8/4/2014
Hi Sally Si,

Thank you very much for arranging a wonderful trip for me and wife to Xian and Luo Yang. My wish to see the UNESCO sites i.e. Terracotta and horses museum and the Longmen caves were fulfilled. My wife's wife wish to do some shopping was fulfilled too. Your guides Carol and Jamie were very helpful throughout the trip adjusting the itinerary according to our physical conditions. They were knowledgeable, explained in details the tour sites and answered our queries well. They recommended good restaurants for lunch which are reasonable and delicious too. The drivers Wang and Lee were safe drivers, came in time to pick us up and drop us even late at night helping us out of the cars promptly.

The hotels were alright as we wanted a three star hotel for economical reasons. The friendship hotel at Luo Yang were much better than the Days Inn hotel at Xian. Breakfasts were alright too.

The guides Carol and Jamie gave us the feed back for our comments at the end of the trip and we wrote the comments in private without any problem.

In short we are happy to have used your company to visit Xian and Luo Yang cities though this is our 4th visit to china using your services for the first time.


Your sincerely,

Raja Mohan Nathan
  • Name: Mr. Raja Nathan & Ms. Wee Paik
  • From: Malaysian
  • E-mail:|rajamohannathan
  • ltinerary: 6 Days Standard Trip of Xian - Luoyang (Shaolin Temple) - Xian
  • Date: 7/28/2014

We enjoyed our time with the tours very much!! We were very happy as well with everything regarding hotels, guides, transportation, and meals. I was very impressed with how quickly the company responded to our emails and frequently kept in touch. This is the first trip that we ever booked, so we were a little nervous, hoping that everything was legit and going to work out. Any questions or help that we needed, you responded very quickly and we are thankful for that! The hotels were outstanding, much more than we were expecting! Great choices to stay, loved having breakfast included, and good areas for us to go out at night to grab dinner when needed. The meals provided during the trip with the guides were very plentiful and we were very happy with the many choices given to us. The drivers were courteous, provided water daily, and handled the crazy roads like professionals :) We never felt unsafe or uncomfortable when riding with them. The only suggestion/tip we have is maybe not having a van for smaller groups, such as ours in Xi'an, with only two people. It was a little harder getting in and out of a van so quickly that was so bigger, step was higher, plus we couldn't see out the windows as well as with a car. It's not anything major, but just something that we would've of preferred for a more enjoyable travel in Xi'an! The guides were very friendly and each one had their own personalities that made our trip fun and interesting. Joseph in Beijing, Betty in Xi'an, and Vicki in Shanghai were all great!! Everyone was on time every day and picked us up and dropped us off with no problems! In addition, they were all very knowledgeable about the area and China in general. I am also pregnant and all of the guides were very patient with taking bathroom breaks, not going through metal detectors (not allowed too, harmful to baby) and resting when needing too.

Thank you again so much for giving us a wonderful time!!

Steve and Lindsay DeJong
  • Name: Mr. Steven DeJong II & Ms. Lindsay DeJong
  • From: American
  • ltinerary: 8 Days Standard Trip of Beijing - Xian - Shanghai
  • Date: 7/21/2014

China Tour Reviews by City

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