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Meri Snow Mountain

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Lying at the boundary between Yunnan Province and Tibet, the Meri Snow Mountain is the first of the eight holy mountains within Tibet. Its main peak, Kagebo, is the highest peak of Yunnan, with an altitude of 6,740 meters (22,112 feet). 'Kagebo' in Tibetan means the God of Snow. Around the Kagebo, there are 13 peaks at elevation of above 6,000 meters (19,685 feet) and they are called 'Peaks of Thirteen Princes'. All these peaks stretching in a line just look like the grand honor guard of the God of Snow.    

The grandeur of the Meri Snow Mountain comes from the huge altitude difference. From the main peak Kagebo to the junction of the Lancang River (China's fifth longest river which flows through the foot of Mt. Meri) and Mingyong River, the height difference reaches 4,702 meters (15,426 feet). Thus forms the spectacular and miraculours Meri Grand Canyon. 

The huge altitude difference helps form the various climate types within one mountain. Above the snow line are the snow-capped peaks standing in the cloud and mist; below the snow line are the green high mountain meadow, verdant scrub and luxuriant forests. Along the Meri Mountain, you can experience the alternation of four seasons within one day. Due to the complicated climate, Meri Snow Mountain is rich in creatures. Here you can find some rare medicinal herbs such as matsutake, fritillary and aweto. Rare animals like snow leopard, small panda and red deer live vigorously in this paradise of animals. 

The glacier of the Meri Snow Mountain covers a large area. The most famous glacier here is Mingyong Glacier. It pours down from the Kagebo Peak and stretches along more than 10 kilometers, drawing a beautiful ice arc on the snow mountain. Along the wandering valley, the glacier stretches to the forest area where the elevation is only 2,600 meters (8,530 feet). Thus it is the lowest glacier of China. Stand amidst the full-blown azaleas while admiring the vast glacier right here under your nose. Only in Meri Snow Mountain can you enjoy this marvelous scenery. 

Under the influence of topography, there is much snowfall every year. Large meltage of the snow causes the glacier move downward in a fast way. Therefore, there are much more avalanches here than other areas, which is the greatest menace to mountain climbers. 

For the mountaineers, the Meri Snow Mountain is cruel and ruthless. In January 1911, the Sino-Japanese Mountaineering Party advanced against the Kagebo Peak. Because of the heavy snow, the mountaineers had to abandon their plan of climbing the main peak. Just on their way back to their No. 3 campsite (5,100 meters/16,732 feet), an avalanche broke out. All members including six Chinese mountaineers and 11 Japanese mountaineers died in the disaster, which was remembered as the second largest disaster in the world history on mountaineering. People built a monument in memory of them on the mountain, facing to the Kagebo Peak. Till now, the Kagebo Peak is still a virgin peak that no one has ever reached.

 Entrance Fee: CNY 60 for Yongming Glacier;
                          CNY 80 for Yubeng Village
 Best Time to Visit: Oct. to May
A. Visitors can take a bus from Shangri-la to Deqin County (where Meri Snow Mountain located); it costs about CNY 40. If you go from Lijiang, you still need to go to Shangri-la first.
B. You can also take a long-distance bus from Kunming to Deqin County, which takes about 7 hours and costs CNY 200.


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