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Gegentala Grassland

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    Chariot Yurt
  • Aobao on the Gegentala Grassland
    Aobao on the Gegentala Grassland
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    Stone Based Mongolian Yu
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    Musical Performance
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Located about 140 kilometers (87 miles) away from Hohhot, Gegentala Grassland is the largest Mongolian ethical feature scenic spot in China. In Mongolian, 'Gegentala' means an ideal summer resort. It is one of the first batches of 4A-class scenic spots of the country. 

Gegentala Grassland is beautiful natural landscape, standing on which what in your eyes is thriving grass, flocks of sheep, herds of horses, soaring hawks and traditional and modern yurts. In addition to the herdsman's yell and the larks' clear singing, it is just a dynamic painting by the nature. When traveling in the grassland, visitors can also enjoy the excellent performance of Inner Mongolian wrestling and horse racing. At night, the local ethnic groups will perform dancing and singing around camp fire.

An annual gala event for the Mongolian called Nadam Fair is held on the Gegentala Grassland from July 5th to 31st, when is a favorable time to travel there. During the day, travelers can experience the local flavors such as climbing the Aobao (a pile of stones, earth or grass used by Mongolians as a road sign or boundary sign), visiting the Mongolian families, riding a horse, shooting an arrow, and wrestling or enjoy the grassland scenery by sitting on in a van carried by camels. At night, travelers may travelers the Mongolian songs and dances in the yurts or on the grassland while drinking the milk tea and eating the roasted mutton and cream. Some freehanded herdsmen often play Mongol stringed instrument and sing their traditional folk songs outside of their yurts in the bright moon, which is also worth enjoying. If you go to Gegentala Grassland at a good time, you may also take part in the Aobao sacrificing on May 13th of the lunar calendar every year, which is a traditional custom originating from Genghis khan. 

As a famous summer resort, Gegentala Grassland now has 300 yurts of all kinds providing accomodation for  visitors, including 48 modern yurts, 36 luxury chariot style yurts and 210 traditional yurts. In the scenic area, there are also a visitor center which can cater over 1,000 people at a time, 50 restaurants, sauna rooms, bars, ballrooms, shops, parking lots and amusement areas.

In addition, there is a temple near it built in Emperor Guangxu of the Qing Dynasty (1644 - 1911), in which there are two halls for the Lamas to recite. Every year, there is a grand temple fair held regularly there, and the Aobao sacrificing is also held there.

 Entrance Fee: CNY 60 

 Opening Hours: 08:00 - 18:00

 Best Time to Visit: August & September

 Transportation: Visitors can take buses or taxies from Hohhot City to the grassland (it takes about 2 hours from the city to the grassland).

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